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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve Style by SheIn

Yesterday I posted a Christmas outfit with a sweater from SheIn.
Today I'm posting a similar but more casual style featuring 
the same colors and a darling hoodie from SheIn.
I must say, it is SO comfy!

hat//cc beanie via love winnie james
belt and jeans//american eagle

Merry Christmas everyone. 
Enjoy your holiday!!


Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Style by SheIn

 We're getting so excited for Christmas around here. 
Thanks to SheIn I got some darling outfits to rock this holiday season. 
Check out this beautiful sweater.
And visit SheIn for a great Christmas Sale still going!


I've got another Christmas outfit coming tomorrow, 
so stay tuned!

Friday, November 25, 2016

StyleWe Cozy Gray Dress

When I was approached by StyleWe to create a blog post, 
I was super excited to check out this new brand. 
What I did NOT know, was that it was going to take me FOREVER 
to pick out something great....because I loved EVERYTHING!!

StyleWe has a huge collection of clothing items with high fashion style and casual wear.
I picked out this cute gray dress.
I was amazed when it arrived in the mail with really nice packaging and excellent quality.
Needless to say... I'm very impressed with this company, so go check them out!

And I LOVE these pockets!
Perfect dress for this colder weather.

extender slip//twirl boutique
shoes//american eagle via vinted

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Christmas Wish List Free Download

With Christmas fast approaching, 
we are getting A LOT of
"ask Santa that" from my two year old.
He is completely convinced that ANYTHING he wants he can just ask Santa for.
Which I love.
Yaay for believing. 
I love his creativity and his mind. 
He sees the simplest thing and is pretty sure he wants it. 
He also see's a full size truck and is pretty sure he wants that too.

I didn't want to put a limit on his imagination and hopes so I created a little poem.
This way he can put as much as he wants on his Christmas list without feeling limited, 
but he will also know that Santa won't get EVERYTHING. 
So on the list I created stars for favorites.

I want my boy to grow up having what he needs, 
but I definitely want to instill gratitude and humility in him.
At the end of the poem, the child tells Santa he knows he is blessed
and that he has a few things he'd like to donate.
The list has space to list toys/books/etc. to donate.

Way to stay organized. ;)

Read the poem and if you like it just right click and save, 
it's FREE and yours to use! (For personal use only.)


Super excited to begin this holiday season!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

DIY Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Banner

We're hosting a Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Halloween party this year.
I wasn't feeling like I wanted to do excessive crafting for this party and while looking for decorations,
I found a plain skull garland. 
So I decided to jazz it up a bit for our party. 
Keep reading for the details or just enjoy the pictures!

Y O U  W I L L  N E E D //

+ paper skull garland
I found this same banner/garland at Target and Wal-Mart. 
Other options would be to print out skills and cut around them 
or if you have a cutting machine-use that to cut out skull shapes.

+ brightly colored paint

+ papers
to make paper flowers-other options would be making felt flowers 
or purchasing flowers from the dollar store

+ various embellishments
Definitely an optional part. 
Just use whatever you've got lying around the house!

S I M P L E  I N S T R U C T I O N S //
Use a q-tip to add paint then hot glue embellishments and flowers.
To make my paper flowers I just googled "paper flowers" and followed the pictures.
I just wanted to make this easy and quick.

There you have it!


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Sneaky Tricks to Fake Getting Ready.

As much as I love glamming up and getting ready, 
I'm not ALWAYS in the mood to spend a thousand years getting ready.
Shocking right?

And since motherhood has been upon me- comfort and movability is uber important.
(I mean who invented jeans. Sheesh.)

So since I don't always think I should show up to Target with my bedhead, leggings, and tee shirt;
I fancied myself a few easy tricks
... and I'm saying TRICKS cause its kinda magic...
to make the world and even yourself 
believe you spent more time fancying up than you really did.

With lipstick, make sure you're using a BOLD, stand out color. 
I'm wearing makeup in this picture, but when I'm not-the lipstick has to make a statement to help hide the "I'm too lazy to pretty myself up today" look. 

Here I braided my hair and sprayed back any fly aways and whispies.
Sometimes I'll slick it up into a high top knot bun.
Other times I'll part it and slick back the sides into a low ponytail.
Slicking back the whispies just makes you look more put together when you don't have the time to tame your mane.

With this outfit, I added this cute delicate lace vest, some bracelets, and dangle earrings. 
Just imagine the outfit without them... the accessories totally hide the lazy look.

And adding heels to ANY outfit is going to amp it up. 
Put me in pajamas and heels and its gonna look like I made an effort. ;)
(totally kidding.)

Pretty sneaky, right!?
Have a lovely day peeps.


Thursday, October 6, 2016

Fire Themed Family Halloween Costumes

I'm super excited to be working with my fellow blogger and sweet friend
Chelsea from Simply Pett for this post.
We are both sharing our family themed costumes for this year.
She's got a little girl and I have a little boy so be sure to check out her post
for a more girly family garden theme!

I love doing family themed costumes each year for Halloween.
Though, I know that the older my little one gets, the harder it will be.
Luckily, it worked out perfectly for us this year when my little guy 
announced he would like to be a fire truck for Halloween.

I'd like to say it was an easy decision to do a fire themed family costume, 
but for a good amount of time my husband was 100% set on being Ash from Pokemon.

Finally though he caved.

I feel like there are a lot of options when doing a fire theme:
Fire Hydrant
Dalmatian Puppy
Smokey the Bear
probably a lot more...

We went with the Firetruck/Fireman, Fire, and Smokey the Bear.

F I R E T R U C K / F I R E M A N

You will need:
+ firetruck
Ours will not be pictured, 
I fully intended to create one from a box-something like this
But while meandering in Marshall's one day we found one ready to purchase 
(I know... it went against everything I had to purchase a pre-made costume.)
our little boy was so excited when he saw that we couldn't resist. 
Plus-we decided it will be much more comfortable for him.

+ fire hat 
(cheaper and easier to purchase-
generally any dollar store will have them)

+ black jacket or hoodie
I purchased a Hanes version from Wal-Mart for about $5.

+ yellow duct tape

+ thin silver/reflective tape

This is insanely easy...
just wrap the yellow duct tape around the sleeves then place duct tape on the front.
Add the silver tape centered in the middle of the yellow.
Its amazing how instantly it turns to a fire coat!

We will likely put the "reflectors" on some khaki pants for him as well.
Just one stripe on the bottoms.
And if you're feeling real fancy, it would be super cute to add onto black rubber rain boots!

We also created a little "Volunteer Fireman" thermal to wear underneath (as pictured).
It requires a heat press, cutter of some sort (we have a silhouette), and transfer vinyl.
If you want more details on that feel free to shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment!

F I R E and C O A L

You will need:
+ all black attire

+ red, orange, and yellow tulle
How much you get depends on how long you want your skirt and your size.
I got 2 yards of each color and had to make the skirt shorter than I had planned because I didn't have enough. 
So just keep that in mind!

+ string

+ makeup or face paint

+ accessories of your choice

Measure your waist (or where you intend to wear the skirt) with string.
Leave about 2 feet extra to tie together.
This can alternatively be done with elastic instead of string sewn together the size of your waist creating a pull on skirt.
I wanted to use string so I could just tie it around my waist like an apron.
Follow this link to an easy to follow tutorial from Simply Real Moms.
This is the method I used.
I just did yellow and orange every other, then added red randomly in between.

The majority of this costume is going to be accessories and makeup/face paint.
Come back around Halloween time to see it all come together!

S M O K E Y  T H E  B E A R

You will need:
+ a shovel

+ ranger hat

+ paint/alphabet stickers/vinyl cutouts

+ smokey the bear shirt

Get a ranger hat, add on the words "SMOKEY"
with black alphabet stickers, paint, or cut it out on vinyl.
There really aren't many instructions for this.
If you want to look more like Smokey the Bear,
he wears no shirt so you could go for a brown sweater and jeans.
We opted for a Smokey the Bear shirt and brown pants.
Really the seller for this costume is the hat and the shovel.
So get a shovel from your garage and get in character to prevent forest fires!
Because... only YOU can. ;)

We can't wait to get these all put together for the big day.
Make sure you come back to see everything all together!
woot woot for HALLOWEEN!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Family Minion Halloween Costumes 2K15

Before tomorrow's Halloween Costume Post hits the blog, 
I thought I'd share last year's Halloween costumes since they never made it up...

Like many other trick-or-treaters, 
we followed the minion theme...
but you can't deny a (then) one year old's wishes.
He LOVED minions at the time.

Hubby and I went with the crazy purple minions...
I mean, that's what happens when you turn into parents..
you go crazy, right? ;)


Tomorrow I'll be sharing our costumes for this year as well as materials 
instructions on how to put them together.
Can't wait for the big day. Halloween is my FAVORITE!!

♥ ♥ 

Sunday, October 2, 2016

High Fiber Food Options for Toddlers and Kids

Disclaimer: There is some subtle potty talk here 
(and I don't mean swear words, just talking about kids and bathroom problems!!) 
So continue at your own risk.. ;)

My little monkey struggled A TON when switching from formula/breast milk to cow's milk.
We are talking serious constipation, anal fissures, and with holding bowel movements for days and days at a time. Yes I know its TMI, but it's life guys.
Our doctor prescribed Miralax,
and I was sorely disappointed when after a year absolutely NOTHING had changed.
When returning to the doctor I expressed my intense concern for this seemingly unsolvable issue.
Well guess what.. 
He told me to keep up with the Miralax. :/
Also to make sure his diet was highly concentrated with fiber.
So trusting our incredible pediatritian, that's exactly what I did. 

But finding high fiber options for a toddler took a lot of research on my part.
So much so that I hope no one ever has to do that for themselves.
I thought I would share some easy and toddler friendly high fiber options I found:

My little guy is currently two and a half, so the problem is not yet resolved. 
However... it is HANDLED! Which makes me happy.
As long as I keep this high fiber diet in tact and use a small dose of Miralax daily, 
my sweet baby has no more struggles going to the bathroom. 
and THAT makes a momma happy.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

How to Transition outfits from Summer to Fall

I love that fall is in the air!
Summer is definitely my favorite, but I'm really a four seasons kinda lady.
Sometimes the whole transitioning from summer to fall seems kinda tricky.
You gotta start slow, dip your toe in the water a little bit. 

So here's my tip:
Transition outfits to fall by adding ONE fall item to summer outfit.

Here I added my favorite boots to a short sleeve shirt and pencil skirt.
Keeping the legs bare so I'm not completely "autumed" out.
My favorite thing about taking outfit pics now is hanging out with my man.

chambray top//shein
striped pencil skirt//gifted

white polo//ross
gray joggers//h&m kids
shoes//josmo via amazon
have a lovely thursday!

♥ ♥

Monday, September 12, 2016

Simple Toddler Alphabet Curriculum/Schedule

Hello Mommas! 
I know this is a little off from my blogging theme, but my little guy is growing right up and super ready for learning. 
I'm very passionate about education and want to share my thoughts and tips with other mommas out there. 
Though I will generally stick to style and beauty, I'll throw in some education stuff here and there. :)
Quick backstory:
I taught at a private school before my little one was born. 
The basis of the school was START EARLY!
I sooo truly believe that it works and saw it happen so many times.
I wanted to instill the same belief on my son. 
He is two years old so not yet old enough to go to preschool, 
but he is definitely ready to learn...and in fact, so are many 2 year olds!

So I created a simple teaching schedule to follow with him for early learning.
Though I am doing this with my two year old, it's definitely applicable for older (maybe even younger) ages as well.

+ + + + + + +

Though this is detailed, it should be brief. The whole lesson should be no longer than 15 minutes. 
Always be sure to judge the mood of your child. 
Some days you can teach for longer while other days will have to be shorter.

Alphabet Song (30 seconds)
While you get out supplies or get your little one ready, sing the alphabet song. 
This is mostly so they are exposed to the letter names daily. 
Try to encourage them to sing or at least dance with you.
This should be an exciting time for them. 
If you're not comfortable singing, look up a song on youtube. 
Super easy.

Alphabet Chant Video (2 minutes)
The alphabet chant creates more focus on the letter sounds. 
I created a video you are welcome to use. 
The chant is catchy and memorable. 
Even if they don't grasp the concept right away, 
they will remember the rhythm and understand the connection of letters to sounds.

Letter of the Day (30 seconds)
Introduce the letter of the day.
Tell your child what letter you'll be learning today. 
You can write it a few times on a board or piece of paper. 
Get some pictures or objects that begin with the letter and have them name them or repeat after you.
Make sure to emphasize the letter sound (ie: "mmmmmmonkey").
If you don't want to use pictures just say words that begin with that letter. 
Be sure to use words they know and add in words that will be personal to them. 
My little guy loves firetrucks so I know if I say "fffffiretruck" it will keep his attention.
10-12 words is plenty.

Craft (5-7 minutes)
This simple craft will match the letter of the day. 
but you can just as easily 
write the letter on the page, cut it out with colored paper, or print out your own. 
What you'll do is glue, stick, paint, or color objects that begin with the letter on the page. 
Here is a list of ideas:
Make sure to keep talking about the letter and it's sound while you are crafting. 
It is super important for them to repeat it so it sticks in their brain. 
You don't want to get too pushy, 
but saying the letter and the sound a few times while crafting will help them retain the information.
When we are done, I like to put the letter we learn on the fridge to dry so it's up for the whole day. 
Then when we do the new letter the next day
I review the previous day letter, take it down, and put it in our alphabet book. 
I just 3 hole punched all of our printables and put them in a binder. 
When it is completed he will have his very own alphabet book.

Review Coloring Page (30 seconds)
Review the letter learned the previous day with a simple coloring page.
Here are a few good ones:
Best Coloring Pages (love these ones)

Alphabet Book (1 minute)
Read a basic alphabet book to close the lesson with a simple review of all letters.
I love these ones:

Q&A (30 seconds)
Go visit your craft again. 
Ask, "What letter is this?" 
Encourage them to answer on their own. 
If they struggle, remind them and ask them to repeat. 
Then ask, "What sound does it make? or what does it say?" 
Again, encourage independent answering, 
but clarify and have them repeat if they don't answer on their own.

+ + + + + + +

I plan to teach a letter a day Tuesday through Friday.
You can do whichever schedule works for you and your family,
though I recommend no less than two days a week. Consistency is key! 
Also do your best to review letters you've previously learned 
by doing the Q&A portion of the curriculum daily.

Keep me updated with how it works for you. 
We are just getting started, 
but I'll post some pics and results when we finish the alphabet at our house.


Thursday, September 8, 2016

Just Remember

you are b e a u t i f u l .
you have incredible worth.
you deserve the BEST.
you are special.
you are unique.
you are b r i l l i a n t .
Y O U.

Monday, July 25, 2016

More SheIn Picks!

Sharing some more of my favorite looks from Shein.com today..

Statement Jackets and Booties//

SheIn Scores #2

SheIn Scores #2 by laurynashli1 featuring beaded jewelry

Casual meets Classy//

SheIn Scores #3

SheIn Scores #3 by laurynashli1 featuring a wide brim hat

Super Trendy items carried at SheIn//

SheIn Scores #4

SheIn Scores #4 by laurynashli1 featuring a short sleeve tee

Romantic Favorites//

SheIn Scores #5

♥ ♥ ♥
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