Sunday, October 2, 2016

High Fiber Food Options for Toddlers and Kids

Disclaimer: There is some subtle potty talk here 
(and I don't mean swear words, just talking about kids and bathroom problems!!) 
So continue at your own risk.. ;)

My little monkey struggled A TON when switching from formula/breast milk to cow's milk.
We are talking serious constipation, anal fissures, and with holding bowel movements for days and days at a time. Yes I know its TMI, but it's life guys.
Our doctor prescribed Miralax,
and I was sorely disappointed when after a year absolutely NOTHING had changed.
When returning to the doctor I expressed my intense concern for this seemingly unsolvable issue.
Well guess what.. 
He told me to keep up with the Miralax. :/
Also to make sure his diet was highly concentrated with fiber.
So trusting our incredible pediatritian, that's exactly what I did. 

But finding high fiber options for a toddler took a lot of research on my part.
So much so that I hope no one ever has to do that for themselves.
I thought I would share some easy and toddler friendly high fiber options I found:

My little guy is currently two and a half, so the problem is not yet resolved. 
However... it is HANDLED! Which makes me happy.
As long as I keep this high fiber diet in tact and use a small dose of Miralax daily, 
my sweet baby has no more struggles going to the bathroom. 
and THAT makes a momma happy.
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