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Monday, September 12, 2016

Simple Toddler Alphabet Curriculum/Schedule

Hello Mommas! 
I know this is a little off from my blogging theme, but my little guy is growing right up and super ready for learning. 
I'm very passionate about education and want to share my thoughts and tips with other mommas out there. 
Though I will generally stick to style and beauty, I'll throw in some education stuff here and there. :)
Quick backstory:
I taught at a private school before my little one was born. 
The basis of the school was START EARLY!
I sooo truly believe that it works and saw it happen so many times.
I wanted to instill the same belief on my son. 
He is two years old so not yet old enough to go to preschool, 
but he is definitely ready to learn...and in fact, so are many 2 year olds!

So I created a simple teaching schedule to follow with him for early learning.
Though I am doing this with my two year old, it's definitely applicable for older (maybe even younger) ages as well.

+ + + + + + +

Though this is detailed, it should be brief. The whole lesson should be no longer than 15 minutes. 
Always be sure to judge the mood of your child. 
Some days you can teach for longer while other days will have to be shorter.

Alphabet Song (30 seconds)
While you get out supplies or get your little one ready, sing the alphabet song. 
This is mostly so they are exposed to the letter names daily. 
Try to encourage them to sing or at least dance with you.
This should be an exciting time for them. 
If you're not comfortable singing, look up a song on youtube. 
Super easy.

Alphabet Chant Video (2 minutes)
The alphabet chant creates more focus on the letter sounds. 
I created a video you are welcome to use. 
The chant is catchy and memorable. 
Even if they don't grasp the concept right away, 
they will remember the rhythm and understand the connection of letters to sounds.

Letter of the Day (30 seconds)
Introduce the letter of the day.
Tell your child what letter you'll be learning today. 
You can write it a few times on a board or piece of paper. 
Get some pictures or objects that begin with the letter and have them name them or repeat after you.
Make sure to emphasize the letter sound (ie: "mmmmmmonkey").
If you don't want to use pictures just say words that begin with that letter. 
Be sure to use words they know and add in words that will be personal to them. 
My little guy loves firetrucks so I know if I say "fffffiretruck" it will keep his attention.
10-12 words is plenty.

Craft (5-7 minutes)
This simple craft will match the letter of the day. 
but you can just as easily 
write the letter on the page, cut it out with colored paper, or print out your own. 
What you'll do is glue, stick, paint, or color objects that begin with the letter on the page. 
Here is a list of ideas:
Make sure to keep talking about the letter and it's sound while you are crafting. 
It is super important for them to repeat it so it sticks in their brain. 
You don't want to get too pushy, 
but saying the letter and the sound a few times while crafting will help them retain the information.
When we are done, I like to put the letter we learn on the fridge to dry so it's up for the whole day. 
Then when we do the new letter the next day
I review the previous day letter, take it down, and put it in our alphabet book. 
I just 3 hole punched all of our printables and put them in a binder. 
When it is completed he will have his very own alphabet book.

Review Coloring Page (30 seconds)
Review the letter learned the previous day with a simple coloring page.
Here are a few good ones:
Best Coloring Pages (love these ones)

Alphabet Book (1 minute)
Read a basic alphabet book to close the lesson with a simple review of all letters.
I love these ones:

Q&A (30 seconds)
Go visit your craft again. 
Ask, "What letter is this?" 
Encourage them to answer on their own. 
If they struggle, remind them and ask them to repeat. 
Then ask, "What sound does it make? or what does it say?" 
Again, encourage independent answering, 
but clarify and have them repeat if they don't answer on their own.

+ + + + + + +

I plan to teach a letter a day Tuesday through Friday.
You can do whichever schedule works for you and your family,
though I recommend no less than two days a week. Consistency is key! 
Also do your best to review letters you've previously learned 
by doing the Q&A portion of the curriculum daily.

Keep me updated with how it works for you. 
We are just getting started, 
but I'll post some pics and results when we finish the alphabet at our house.


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