Thursday, March 5, 2015

baby batman

I got this amazing little batman shirt from H&M and could not wait to style it!
Here is my handsome boy sporting his superman gear.
NA, NA, NA, NA, NA, NA.....
B A T M A N !

the cutest pictures always end up blurry with this kid.
the back of this shirt is the BEST part!

hat//custom order via golden coast baby

And since it is hard to see everything super amazing on the wiggly man, 
I created a flat lay of the outfit on polyvore.
My sweet bestie is the owner of Golden Coast Baby and is sick with pregnancy so I included a different hat option...

baby batman

Stay S U P E R.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

ZNU Cuffed Blazer

Recently I was able to collaborate with the great clothing company ZNU.
They have some dang darling stuff, but I had to get this blazer.
I just happened to have a flowing tank to match the cuffs on this blazer perfectly.
I love how it all came together!

This gold bling totally made the outfit pop.
I scored the gold chain from H&M for $1! 
I was a happy happy girl.
And the beautiful delicate gold necklace is from the darling Etsy shop 
I won it in a giveaway... I was pretty stoked.

chain necklace//h&m
flowing tank//target
cheetah pumps//michael kors via vinted

I'm super excited about this blazer. 
Can't wait to try it out with other pieces in my closet.
Have a lovely evening everyone!


Friday, February 27, 2015

5 FAB Drugstore Lipsticks

Now don't get me wrong, 
I love me some nice MAC lipstick or something pretty from Sephora, 
but some of my favorite lipsticks are drug store brands.
 I'm going to share with you my favorite lipsticks 
on the cheap.

Why I love it:
I love that this is a crayon application. It goes on nice and smooth. Honestly, this color is not my VERY favorite. I am looking to purchase this same product in a different color. Suggesstions??

Why I love it:
It is SUPER cheap. I bought this for $0.98. Seriously the best lipstick on the cheap.

Why I love it:
The gloss doesn't go away! The shine on this beauty is incredible.

Why I love it:
The color is SO pretty and lasts for a LONG time. It also stays glossy which I love!

Why I love it:
This truly goes on like butter. I love that it moisturizes and adds color at the same time.

Can you tell I'm a little partial to Revlon lipsticks? 
I'm always pleased with a Revlon lip color. :)
Above I have some sweet selfies of me sporting those lipsticks last week, 
Although, my selfies just couldn't quite capture the lipsticks in their true colors so I 
showed a sampling of each lipstick in the swatches on my arm below.

This picture also shows a better the consistency of each lipstick.
I love these lipsticks.
Share with me your drugstore lip color favorites!


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