Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Sneaky Tricks to Fake Getting Ready.

As much as I love glamming up and getting ready, 
I'm not ALWAYS in the mood to spend a thousand years getting ready.
Shocking right?

And since motherhood has been upon me- comfort and movability is uber important.
(I mean who invented jeans. Sheesh.)

So since I don't always think I should show up to Target with my bedhead, leggings, and tee shirt;
I fancied myself a few easy tricks
... and I'm saying TRICKS cause its kinda magic...
to make the world and even yourself 
believe you spent more time fancying up than you really did.

With lipstick, make sure you're using a BOLD, stand out color. 
I'm wearing makeup in this picture, but when I'm not-the lipstick has to make a statement to help hide the "I'm too lazy to pretty myself up today" look. 

Here I braided my hair and sprayed back any fly aways and whispies.
Sometimes I'll slick it up into a high top knot bun.
Other times I'll part it and slick back the sides into a low ponytail.
Slicking back the whispies just makes you look more put together when you don't have the time to tame your mane.

With this outfit, I added this cute delicate lace vest, some bracelets, and dangle earrings. 
Just imagine the outfit without them... the accessories totally hide the lazy look.

And adding heels to ANY outfit is going to amp it up. 
Put me in pajamas and heels and its gonna look like I made an effort. ;)
(totally kidding.)

Pretty sneaky, right!?
Have a lovely day peeps.


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