Thursday, October 6, 2016

Fire Themed Family Halloween Costumes

I'm super excited to be working with my fellow blogger and sweet friend
Chelsea from Simply Pett for this post.
We are both sharing our family themed costumes for this year.
She's got a little girl and I have a little boy so be sure to check out her post
for a more girly family garden theme!

I love doing family themed costumes each year for Halloween.
Though, I know that the older my little one gets, the harder it will be.
Luckily, it worked out perfectly for us this year when my little guy 
announced he would like to be a fire truck for Halloween.

I'd like to say it was an easy decision to do a fire themed family costume, 
but for a good amount of time my husband was 100% set on being Ash from Pokemon.

Finally though he caved.

I feel like there are a lot of options when doing a fire theme:
Fire Hydrant
Dalmatian Puppy
Smokey the Bear
probably a lot more...

We went with the Firetruck/Fireman, Fire, and Smokey the Bear.

F I R E T R U C K / F I R E M A N

You will need:
+ firetruck
Ours will not be pictured, 
I fully intended to create one from a box-something like this
But while meandering in Marshall's one day we found one ready to purchase 
(I know... it went against everything I had to purchase a pre-made costume.)
our little boy was so excited when he saw that we couldn't resist. 
Plus-we decided it will be much more comfortable for him.

+ fire hat 
(cheaper and easier to purchase-
generally any dollar store will have them)

+ black jacket or hoodie
I purchased a Hanes version from Wal-Mart for about $5.

+ yellow duct tape

+ thin silver/reflective tape

This is insanely easy...
just wrap the yellow duct tape around the sleeves then place duct tape on the front.
Add the silver tape centered in the middle of the yellow.
Its amazing how instantly it turns to a fire coat!

We will likely put the "reflectors" on some khaki pants for him as well.
Just one stripe on the bottoms.
And if you're feeling real fancy, it would be super cute to add onto black rubber rain boots!

We also created a little "Volunteer Fireman" thermal to wear underneath (as pictured).
It requires a heat press, cutter of some sort (we have a silhouette), and transfer vinyl.
If you want more details on that feel free to shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment!

F I R E and C O A L

You will need:
+ all black attire

+ red, orange, and yellow tulle
How much you get depends on how long you want your skirt and your size.
I got 2 yards of each color and had to make the skirt shorter than I had planned because I didn't have enough. 
So just keep that in mind!

+ string

+ makeup or face paint

+ accessories of your choice

Measure your waist (or where you intend to wear the skirt) with string.
Leave about 2 feet extra to tie together.
This can alternatively be done with elastic instead of string sewn together the size of your waist creating a pull on skirt.
I wanted to use string so I could just tie it around my waist like an apron.
Follow this link to an easy to follow tutorial from Simply Real Moms.
This is the method I used.
I just did yellow and orange every other, then added red randomly in between.

The majority of this costume is going to be accessories and makeup/face paint.
Come back around Halloween time to see it all come together!

S M O K E Y  T H E  B E A R

You will need:
+ a shovel

+ ranger hat

+ paint/alphabet stickers/vinyl cutouts

+ smokey the bear shirt

Get a ranger hat, add on the words "SMOKEY"
with black alphabet stickers, paint, or cut it out on vinyl.
There really aren't many instructions for this.
If you want to look more like Smokey the Bear,
he wears no shirt so you could go for a brown sweater and jeans.
We opted for a Smokey the Bear shirt and brown pants.
Really the seller for this costume is the hat and the shovel.
So get a shovel from your garage and get in character to prevent forest fires!
Because... only YOU can. ;)

We can't wait to get these all put together for the big day.
Make sure you come back to see everything all together!
woot woot for HALLOWEEN!!

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