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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"z" is for zig-zags + giveaway winner!

i figured i will make sure everyone who wants one gets a chance to enter.. 
so tonight i will announce a winner on this post! so be sure to check back.

and the winner of a complete blog makeover is:

True Random Number Generator  
5Powered by RANDOM.ORG

Super cute Etsy shop! My fave is the wooden 'love' board :)

thanks for entering audra, email me and we can figure out what you want!

i still am having trouble figuring out this random.org thing.
i don't know why it says out of 100, because it was out of 36.

and finally....the last letter of the abc's of hair series!!!

no tutorial today, but a variation on the zig zag part.
remember the tight twists with butterfly clips at the end? 
those were popular about the same time as the zig zag part.
no one really does those anymore... 
(unless it's a little girl. they can pull ANYTHING off!!)
so i decided, why not mix two styles that aren't super trendy, and see what i come up with.
behold...my 'twist' on the zig-zag part:

i parted my hair with a comb, and twisted the same direction as the part.
as you can see, the twists are very loose and thick

i pulled the rest back in a little bun just because i don't like the length of my hair..ugh.
but i think it turned out pretty cute!

i only included top view pics.. i didn't feel like taking a million pictures of my no-makeup face today trying to find one i wouldn't die of embarrassment by!

i hope you all enjoyed the abc's of hair! 
it was so fun, i am excited to do some more stuff like this.
i will be starting a schedule soon for some fun posts.
so keep checking to see what will be here!

{love} lauryn

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"y" is for youtube

youtube is one of the best places to go to when looking for a hair tutorial.
it is always an advantage to be able to see exactly what is going on step by step.
so glad for people who are willing to put together a video to show us how to do our hair!
so i decided to put together a little list for abc's of hair series':
"y" is for youtube

if you know of any great youtube videos for hair, 
comment and let me & other readers know!

tomorrow is the giveaway. be sure to enter! 
(check right side bar for info!)

Monday, August 29, 2011

my first craft fair!

if you are looking for abc's of hair's letter x, scroll down :)
august has been a very busy month.
partly because i have been preparing and making items for my first craft fair!
on saturday i set up a tent and set up my stuff. so so fun.
sadly it wasn't super successful.
what can i say. i live in idaho. there were not many customers.
but it was still a fun adventure for me to set up some of my work!
for those of you who don't know, i sell a lot of my work at my shop called lulu's little loft.
today i will be adding a BUNCH of new stuff, so check it out!

thank you for all of you who helped me in this endeavor.
1. my mommy.
holy cow. she did a lot. came from utah, brought the canopy, tables, easels, tablecloths, lanterns, chairs, etc. she stayed with me the whole day. not to mention her car broke down on the way here. she is the most selfless person i know. i love you momma.
2. my hubby.
he was such a great support. check out the picture of us below! he kept telling me he was proud of me :) he also stayed the entire day. he's a sweetheart. i love him.
3. ed.
my mom's boyfriend from high school...how fun. he helped a ton with pricing, carrying items in & out. PLUS he went and picked up my mom when her car broke down and put all the supplies in his car. PLUS PLUS! he was my first customer of the day :) thanks a bunch ed.
4. my groupies.
those who couldn't be there but supported me anyhow.
sissy & pops to name a few
and those who came to say hey.
aunt nae, uncle ryan, tradder, & sam.

thanks for helping me out!

wanna see some PICTURES!

see how cute he is! that's my man.

i love this one. we wanted to keep it for ourselves!

these are BARROX shirts. my hubby owns a shirt company and makes some amazing designs. he did it in high school, but recently reopened the company. so inventory is limited! if you want one, check out his site and buy some stylin' shirts asap!! or you can check out the barrox facebook page to vote on designs you'd like to see on a shirt.

happy monday!

"x" is for Xtreme beauty

this topic can be taken to complete craziness.

but i want to keep things beautiful :)

of course we can count on betsey johnson for eXtreme beauty.
her eccentric style is regal and classic... how do those three go together?
don't know but she totally makes it work.
check out what she has done on the runway.
lace stencil +spray paint + wigs
spray painting hair...WHAT!
check it out:
utterly fabulous betsey.

2 letters left.
enter the giveaway.
please oh please.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

"w" is for weaves

life decided to come along this weekend so i was unable to post letter "w" when i had hoped on friday
so here it is today!

"w" is for weaves

i've seen some incredible pictures online lately
...hair weaving.
insane. i love it.


let's do a tutorial, yes?

separate three sections of hair and pin them.
if you want your weave wider, separate more than three sections.

grab a section underneath and in front of the pinned sections

you are going to take this piece and go over/under your pinned sections
i twisted the piece so it was clear what i was doing-you don't need to twist

take another section on you hair line-
underneath the first side section you grabbed
 and go under/over this time.
continue for as long as you want the weave.

i tried this one braiding a couple pieces to add a different look.

it would probably be a lot easier to wet & gel the pieces before weaving.
i used my mom as a model (thanks momma) so i didn't want to ruin her pretty hair.
although i'm sure she would have been just fine with it.
i also think it would be awesome to do a lot more sections that are smaller so you have a lot going on.
but, it's more time consuming... and who has that kind of time right now!

the abc's of hair ends on the 31st! 

thanks for your patience with this post :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

"u" is for updates & "v" is for volume

good morning everyone!
thanks for being patient with me for not posting yesterday.
because of that, letters u & v will be sharing.

letter "u" is for UPDATES!
let's talk about the top 5 latest trends in hair for fall 2011:

1. cotton candy colors
an AMAZING tutorial for how to do this can be found here:

2. top knots
these are so easy... and super chic.
i am loving that they are hitting the runway this season!

3. ombre dying
you have likely seen this style all over the place lately.
i love it. it adds so much texture to the hair! 
i have got to do this next time.

4. big chignons
either on the side, or behind, chignons with LOTS of volume.
try adding some extension hair in your chignon to pump up the volume!

5. fabric in hair

"v" is for volume
here are some tips for adding volume to your hair.
first: an awesome product:
this really really helps add volume to the hair.
i love it.
big sexy root pump
and now a teasing tip:
1. lift top of hair and spray @ roots: aerosol usually works best for this.
2. blow dry the roots to secure the hairspray
3. tease with a brush or teasing comb
4. lay down
(at this point you have HUGE hair!)
5. lightly brush over the top layer to tame the poof...
and you have volume!

august is almost over, so the abc's of hair is close to it's end!
please make sure to enter the giveaway for the blog design!
it will end on the 31st of august!

check out the last winner's custom blog design here.

have a lovely day!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"s" is for sleek look & "t" is for twists

letter s is short today, so it's sharing with letter t!

i just wanted to share my FAVORITE line of styling products.
i have very coarse, thick & curly hair... 
yes it sounds terrible. and it is without the right products it is.
getting my hair to look straight, silky, and smooth has always been quite the task.
until i found MATRIX SLEEK LOOK.
trust me, i'm not getting paid to say this. i just LOVE this stuff!
i have been using this line since jr. high/high school and haven't liked anything as well as i like this line.
my hair works like a charm. it ends up being REALLY soft and flowy. i love it.
it is still a process to blow dry & straighten my hair, 
but the blow dry creme, and heat protectant spray rock to keep my hair healthy.
it smells great too!
if your hair is like mine and you need a little pick me up, look for the orange bottles!

now on to letter t:

let's get right to business shall we, 

#1 making a twist stay

#2 fancy twist (i don't know what else to call it!)

#3 remember the notebook twist?
The Notebook movie stills - ice cream scenes

here is the tutorial!

now, ironically..
i have a hair appointment to go to!
wish me luck..
moving from utah i had to leave the best hair lady ever.
this will be my 2nd time in idaho with someone new!

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