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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"s" is for sleek look & "t" is for twists

letter s is short today, so it's sharing with letter t!

i just wanted to share my FAVORITE line of styling products.
i have very coarse, thick & curly hair... 
yes it sounds terrible. and it is without the right products it is.
getting my hair to look straight, silky, and smooth has always been quite the task.
until i found MATRIX SLEEK LOOK.
trust me, i'm not getting paid to say this. i just LOVE this stuff!
i have been using this line since jr. high/high school and haven't liked anything as well as i like this line.
my hair works like a charm. it ends up being REALLY soft and flowy. i love it.
it is still a process to blow dry & straighten my hair, 
but the blow dry creme, and heat protectant spray rock to keep my hair healthy.
it smells great too!
if your hair is like mine and you need a little pick me up, look for the orange bottles!

now on to letter t:

let's get right to business shall we, 

#1 making a twist stay

#2 fancy twist (i don't know what else to call it!)

#3 remember the notebook twist?
The Notebook movie stills - ice cream scenes

here is the tutorial!

now, ironically..
i have a hair appointment to go to!
wish me luck..
moving from utah i had to leave the best hair lady ever.
this will be my 2nd time in idaho with someone new!


  1. So I wanna know who your best hair lady ever in utah was lolSo I wanna know who your best hair lady ever in utah was lol

  2. Great post! Thanks for the fun twist ideas (now maybe I can finally get those to work) and especially the product recommendations. I have the course, thick, curly hair, too. Hey, if you find someone great to cut your hair, let me know. I'm in Rexburg and really need to find someone new, too.

  3. I am SO excited you posted the tute on the notebook twist! Im doing this one FOR SURE!! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Super cute ideas! I never do anything to my hair and since it is shorter, I feel like I can't but I may have to try some of these!

    Thanks for linking up to this week's Catch a Glimpse party!

  5. Thank you so much for adding your blog to our directory. You've been featured! Grab a button on the bottom of our blog and brag about it to your friends, you deserve it! Great blog, I love the hair ideas. :) Heather at 500dollarwedding.blogspot.com


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