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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"i" is for inspired by the movies

the silver screen is soo inspring for fashion, style, and especially hair! 
here are some films that i love the hairstyles in:

killer updo in what happens in vegas

renee zellweger's vintage curls in leatherheads
Renee Zellweger in leatherheads

the simple braid and sleek hair in bride wars
anne hathaway actually has some great styles in this movie, 
i especially like her haircut and the end, but could not find a picture.
you will just have to watch it, it's great!

kate beckinsale in pearl harbor

brittany snow beehive hair in hairspray

one of my favorites is the notebook.
i have a friend who is getting married in october and the movie "the notebook" will be her theme.
such a great idea. and LOVE the hair rachel mcadams has in this film.

1. can totally do this style with rag curls.
2. this style will be introduced during letter "R" (just wait and see!)
3. beautiful twist in front with pulled back bun.
4. can copy that accessory with the lace rose clip tutorial from letter "A"!
5 & 6 are the same style. i love this, and this style will be introduced on letter "T" 
so keep following!
7. head wrap accessory..love it. i think i want to try making this with t-shirts one of these days!

tell me some movies that inspire your hair!

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