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Monday, August 29, 2011

my first craft fair!

if you are looking for abc's of hair's letter x, scroll down :)
august has been a very busy month.
partly because i have been preparing and making items for my first craft fair!
on saturday i set up a tent and set up my stuff. so so fun.
sadly it wasn't super successful.
what can i say. i live in idaho. there were not many customers.
but it was still a fun adventure for me to set up some of my work!
for those of you who don't know, i sell a lot of my work at my shop called lulu's little loft.
today i will be adding a BUNCH of new stuff, so check it out!

thank you for all of you who helped me in this endeavor.
1. my mommy.
holy cow. she did a lot. came from utah, brought the canopy, tables, easels, tablecloths, lanterns, chairs, etc. she stayed with me the whole day. not to mention her car broke down on the way here. she is the most selfless person i know. i love you momma.
2. my hubby.
he was such a great support. check out the picture of us below! he kept telling me he was proud of me :) he also stayed the entire day. he's a sweetheart. i love him.
3. ed.
my mom's boyfriend from high school...how fun. he helped a ton with pricing, carrying items in & out. PLUS he went and picked up my mom when her car broke down and put all the supplies in his car. PLUS PLUS! he was my first customer of the day :) thanks a bunch ed.
4. my groupies.
those who couldn't be there but supported me anyhow.
sissy & pops to name a few
and those who came to say hey.
aunt nae, uncle ryan, tradder, & sam.

thanks for helping me out!

wanna see some PICTURES!

see how cute he is! that's my man.

i love this one. we wanted to keep it for ourselves!

these are BARROX shirts. my hubby owns a shirt company and makes some amazing designs. he did it in high school, but recently reopened the company. so inventory is limited! if you want one, check out his site and buy some stylin' shirts asap!! or you can check out the barrox facebook page to vote on designs you'd like to see on a shirt.

happy monday!
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