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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"z" is for zig-zags + giveaway winner!

i figured i will make sure everyone who wants one gets a chance to enter.. 
so tonight i will announce a winner on this post! so be sure to check back.

and the winner of a complete blog makeover is:

True Random Number Generator  
5Powered by RANDOM.ORG

Super cute Etsy shop! My fave is the wooden 'love' board :)

thanks for entering audra, email me and we can figure out what you want!

i still am having trouble figuring out this random.org thing.
i don't know why it says out of 100, because it was out of 36.

and finally....the last letter of the abc's of hair series!!!

no tutorial today, but a variation on the zig zag part.
remember the tight twists with butterfly clips at the end? 
those were popular about the same time as the zig zag part.
no one really does those anymore... 
(unless it's a little girl. they can pull ANYTHING off!!)
so i decided, why not mix two styles that aren't super trendy, and see what i come up with.
behold...my 'twist' on the zig-zag part:

i parted my hair with a comb, and twisted the same direction as the part.
as you can see, the twists are very loose and thick

i pulled the rest back in a little bun just because i don't like the length of my hair..ugh.
but i think it turned out pretty cute!

i only included top view pics.. i didn't feel like taking a million pictures of my no-makeup face today trying to find one i wouldn't die of embarrassment by!

i hope you all enjoyed the abc's of hair! 
it was so fun, i am excited to do some more stuff like this.
i will be starting a schedule soon for some fun posts.
so keep checking to see what will be here!

{love} lauryn

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