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Sunday, September 30, 2012

vintage circus wedding: cupcakes display

if you are confused about the link party, see below
no need to read this fine print if you just want to see today's post.

ok guys.
we have got some link party mess going on.
for all of you that come to the blog for link parties, 
i am sorry for not posting this past weekend's spread the love party.
i had homework drama and had to focus on that. (argh..)
but then i noticed our last spread the love party was still getting submissions. what!
yes, somehow i left the weekend party open for quite the amount of time.
i think like 20 days are still left to submit, yikes!
anyone know how to fix this but keep the links that are already there?
the upcoming parties will stay as normal, 
they will open on friday morning and close on monday morning.
i don't know how the past one went all crazy.
probably because that is my life right now. hrmph. 
here's my word: you can count on a NORMAL spread the love link party on friday :)

& for the real post content:

the announcements came in on friday!!
yaay. yaay. yaay.
i will be posting pictures later this week!
little sissy's wedding planning is coming along quite nicely.
she is having a lot of great carnival style food at the wedding.
popcorn, cotton candy, lemonade..yum!
& there will also be cupcakes from the amazing cocoa bean
they have the greatest named flavors so i decided to make labels for them.
i made the labels using greeting cards, a sharpie, and my bwain!
we gathered various platters & made some of our own to display the cupcakes.
easy peasy.

i am excited to show the pictures from the wedding when there are actually cupcakes on these beauties!
happy monday!
let's all just cross our fingers for a stress free week this week. 
please oh please.
lot's of love!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

vintage circus wedding: guest fingerprint sign in

happy monday everyone, 
we had a GREAT link party this weekend!
check it out if you haven't seen the links yet.
there's also a free printable there too :)

as i mentioned before, 
little sissy is having two "guestbooks" for her wedding
one is the smashbook where people can write notes 
and the other is the finger print guest book.
i thought this would be a fun one for them to hang in their house
here is the simple poster i made for the thumbprints:
the thumbprints will be the balloons.
here is one i found from etsy that is finished:
Thumbprint Guest Book Vintage Bicycle with Balloons- Digital File 18x24

we will have a stamp pad by the poster 
so people can ink their finger then add a "balloon"

i'm excited to see how it turns out!
if you just happen to be getting married, 
or know someone who is and wants the above design,
let me know and i will happily customize the name & date free of charge.
here's to a great week, yaay!
{love} lauryn

Thursday, September 20, 2012

spread the love link party #24 & fishies in the sea printable

i almost have sissy's wedding announcements finished, woot woot!
i am really feeling bad about not being able to post so often,
so i thought today would be a perfect day for a printable freebie:
just right/double click and save to your computer!

now time for the party!
spread the love is a weekend wrap up link party.
share with us ANYTHING you have been 
working on, crushing on, making, baking etc. this week.
this party has NO RULES.
rules are too hard for me.
if you want to link up a URL, feel free!

i would REALLY REALLY love it if you follow my blog in some manner.
check out ways to follow in the sidebar.
if you like the party, add a button or a link somewhere to your blog!
not required, just nice to do...help spread the love!
love notes by lauryn

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

vintage circus wedding: bridal shower invites

sissy's october wedding is coming quick!
i got the bridal shower invites designed this week

we got vellum envelopes & mustache seals
(picked out by little sissy herself)

turned out pretty cute, huh!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

spread the love link party #23

Pinned Image
thank goodness.
school makes for the longest weeks ever.

so link up some great stuff.
i want to see some goodies :)
happy weekend!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

vintage circus wedding: smashbook wedding guestbook

as promised, 
a piece of the wedding right here for you!
if you don't know already, 
little sissy is getting married soon so i am doing a TON of wedding planning.
sissy get's two guestbooks (seems weird, i know)
one is a fingerprint sign in & 
we wanted everyone to get a chance to write a message if they wish.
so, i turned to a smashbook.
decorated the cover, and had and instant, inexpensive guestbook!

it's pretty fun, wouldn't you say!
happy wednesday :)

random pretties of the day

in honor of 9/11
was i really 11 when this happened?
sure learned a lot that day, 
stand tall. stand together. stand for liberty!

i've been running into some sweet stuff online today
cha cha check it out.

need them.

BZR Ombré tights in Fuschian Violet

& this album cover is to die for cute.
love ace enders.

& last,
these tricky puzzle piece end tables from coolmaterial.com
wouldn't these be the coolest things to have in your house?

be back tomorrow with a wedding sneak peek!
{love} lauryn

Thursday, September 6, 2012

spread the love link party #22

getting straight to the party today, 
we are taking little sissy's engagements.
wedding stuff is coming along, 
i can't wait to put the stuff on here!!

have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

24 cheaper sites like anthropologie

shopping around for wedding stuff, 
i've been finding A LOT of online stores..
& like many of you... anthropologie is my BY FAR favorite.
seriously, i just want my life to be anthro.
but, anthropologie has prices that i can't necessarily afford all the time (or like ever)
so here are 24 cheaper shops that are similar to anthropologie.
the image below is a piece from each shop that i love, 
just go under the image to find which shop each piece belongs to as well as the links.
happy shopping :)
24 stores like anthropologie, but cheaper

2. prim
7. lylif
10. panache
11. tulle
17. modcloth
19. spool 72
22. ruche
24. stiched and adorned

know of any other shops similar to anthro?
leave a link in the comments section!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

free printable paper dolls

sorry about the missing link party this week!
it will be up next weekend.

i am working on re-doing my shop..
i am going back and forth between shopenvy & etsy.
i like shopenvy cause it's free, but i seem to sell better on etsy.
anybody have any tips?
i'd love to hear about them. 

because i am re-doing the shop, 
i am putting all of the old items up for free.
i just want to completely re-face the whole shop, 
but don't want the other items to go unnoticed!

this item was one of my shop favorites,
i think i shared them on here when i made them
printable paper dolls:

here are the downloads:
just right or double click each image and save to your computer.

then it is up to you what you want to do with the pieces.
i laminated them & put invisible velcro so the clothes could stay the dolls
i also thought magnets would be fun too, 
let me know what you do so we can tell everyone here what works!

let me know if you have any download/printing problems!
happy day off for monday!
{love} lauryn
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