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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

24 cheaper sites like anthropologie

shopping around for wedding stuff, 
i've been finding A LOT of online stores..
& like many of you... anthropologie is my BY FAR favorite.
seriously, i just want my life to be anthro.
but, anthropologie has prices that i can't necessarily afford all the time (or like ever)
so here are 24 cheaper shops that are similar to anthropologie.
the image below is a piece from each shop that i love, 
just go under the image to find which shop each piece belongs to as well as the links.
happy shopping :)
24 stores like anthropologie, but cheaper

2. prim
7. lylif
10. panache
11. tulle
17. modcloth
19. spool 72
22. ruche
24. stiched and adorned

know of any other shops similar to anthro?
leave a link in the comments section!
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