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Sunday, September 30, 2012

vintage circus wedding: cupcakes display

if you are confused about the link party, see below
no need to read this fine print if you just want to see today's post.

ok guys.
we have got some link party mess going on.
for all of you that come to the blog for link parties, 
i am sorry for not posting this past weekend's spread the love party.
i had homework drama and had to focus on that. (argh..)
but then i noticed our last spread the love party was still getting submissions. what!
yes, somehow i left the weekend party open for quite the amount of time.
i think like 20 days are still left to submit, yikes!
anyone know how to fix this but keep the links that are already there?
the upcoming parties will stay as normal, 
they will open on friday morning and close on monday morning.
i don't know how the past one went all crazy.
probably because that is my life right now. hrmph. 
here's my word: you can count on a NORMAL spread the love link party on friday :)

& for the real post content:

the announcements came in on friday!!
yaay. yaay. yaay.
i will be posting pictures later this week!
little sissy's wedding planning is coming along quite nicely.
she is having a lot of great carnival style food at the wedding.
popcorn, cotton candy, lemonade..yum!
& there will also be cupcakes from the amazing cocoa bean
they have the greatest named flavors so i decided to make labels for them.
i made the labels using greeting cards, a sharpie, and my bwain!
we gathered various platters & made some of our own to display the cupcakes.
easy peasy.

i am excited to show the pictures from the wedding when there are actually cupcakes on these beauties!
happy monday!
let's all just cross our fingers for a stress free week this week. 
please oh please.
lot's of love!

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  1. Ooh, exciting! What flavour are the party in my mouth ones? :)


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