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Sunday, September 23, 2012

vintage circus wedding: guest fingerprint sign in

happy monday everyone, 
we had a GREAT link party this weekend!
check it out if you haven't seen the links yet.
there's also a free printable there too :)

as i mentioned before, 
little sissy is having two "guestbooks" for her wedding
one is the smashbook where people can write notes 
and the other is the finger print guest book.
i thought this would be a fun one for them to hang in their house
here is the simple poster i made for the thumbprints:
the thumbprints will be the balloons.
here is one i found from etsy that is finished:
Thumbprint Guest Book Vintage Bicycle with Balloons- Digital File 18x24

we will have a stamp pad by the poster 
so people can ink their finger then add a "balloon"

i'm excited to see how it turns out!
if you just happen to be getting married, 
or know someone who is and wants the above design,
let me know and i will happily customize the name & date free of charge.
here's to a great week, yaay!
{love} lauryn

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