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Thursday, August 30, 2012

vintage carnival wedding: bridal party ensemble

been working on the sissy's wedding!
& i thought it's time you all see a glimpse of what's going on.
the first thing we got all put together was the bridal party ensemble.
i made some polyvore sets of our getup:
vintage carnival wedding bridesmaids

vintage carnival wedding men

vintage carnival wedding mothers

vintage carnival wedding mothers by laurynashli1 featuring mary jane shoes

i'm mostly excited about my bridesmaid shoes...love them!!
i finished up the centerpieces this week,
so more wedding stuff will be up soon soon soon.

happy day :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

free blank customizable invite printable

wow. incredibly descriptive title i gave this post.
a sweet little friend of mine is getting baptized soon.
i was so excited to make her invite:

i'm loving those colors together.
turned out pretty cute if i do say so myself.

& since i already had the design made up, 
i thought it would be fun to share the blank design for you.
so if you are looking for the perfect customizable blank invite, 
here it is!
all you need is to add the wording, either handwritten or in a computer program.
the image is created to be printed as a 4x6 image.

right/double click on the image, save to your computer and you're ready to go!
please let me know if you have any problems with the download or printing issues.
i would be more than happy to help. 
if you would like a custom design invite, announcement, etc., 
i am always ready to take on a new design project.
i can't turn them down... it's a weakness!

email me if you need me, or just want to chat :)
laurynashli1 {at} gmail {dot} com

Thursday, August 23, 2012

spread the love link party #21

it is going to take me a couple of weeks to get used to my new schedule.
school. work. school again.
not to mention sissy's wedding planning & bridal shower
keeping up with the bloggy blog
& keeping the house clean.
trust me when i say i hardly have time to eat or sleep.

but i have faith this is all going to work out.
i am extremely lucky with how my schedule worked out so perfectly.
i'm so grateful for my prayers that have been answered 
it is truly amazing how my schedule is organized down to the minute.
it fits like a puzzle.
mind boggling.

so i hope to get to 1 to 2 posts a week in addition to the link party on the weekends.
it's a little less than usual, but it will only last a short time. 
when the semester is over, i should be able to post more frequently again. 

that being said, 
the party today is going to be so super simple.
no favorite picks :(
& no explanation...
basically, if you want to link anything up go for it!
as always, spread the love is a no rules party.
spread some link love!

Monday, August 20, 2012

wooden photo blocks

this summer i salvaged some wooden block remnants from grandpa's firewood stash.
i knew something good could come out of them.
after having them in my car for a few weeks, 
i brought them inside.
after staring at blank blocks for a good few days,
i nailed it.
i decided i was going to make wooden blocks saying "LOVE"
here they are.

turns out i didn't want to do "LOVE" blocks.
i kinda just messed around until i came out with these picture blocks.

i had a beautiful paper pack.
i cut each of the papers to the size of the blocks and spray glued them on.
i antiqued the edges with a chalk stamp pad & mod podged the top.

the elements (rose, ticket, etc.) were also part of the scrapbook pack.
darling stuff i tell ya.

the clothes pins are hot glued to the block.
i added a strip of paper to cover the pin.
the pictures are interchangeable because of the clothes pins.

here i wrapped the block with yarn.. just a simple embellishment.

although i imagined something different, 
i am glad with how the blocks turned out!
they are a great way to use up your cute scrapbook paper..
ya know the kind you are saving because you know you want it displayed, 
you just don't know how to display it!
(i could be the only crazy person who does that...)

have a great day!
schools are starting for me today.
back at the university tomorrow, 
and welcoming the little preschoolers to their first day of school.
a crazy, but exciting day for me!
little sissy is getting MARRIED! 
& i am in charge of planning.

so thank you for being understanding & patient with me
during this fast paced time of life.

{love} lauryn

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

the many sides of red lipstick

i love red lipstick.
it is classic.
it is editorial.
anyone can pull it of. (yes, even you.)
and it is not as complicated as it might seem, just GO FOR IT!
here are some different ways you can wear red lipstick:

bright hues are really trendy right now. 
orange lips are hitting it big, but i like a calmer take... 
more of an orange red like the picture on the left.

deep berry & burgundy colors are on the rise again, 
so pull out mom's old lipstick and darken your lips with a deep red.

a lipstick can be worn either matte or glossy.
both are different, but create beautiful looks.
to create a lasting matte lip, use a red lip liner the same color as your lipstick.
the lipstick will stay longer without bleeding.
to glossy up your lipstick, use a simple clear gloss after applying a coat of red lipstick.
don't forget to kiss a tissue, your lips will thank you..
between the lipstick and the gloss, they will need a little dabbing.

red lipstick is so versatile, 
you can wear it casually to the movies, 
or on your wedding day.
the makeup you wear to accompany your lipstick can create either look.
the above pictures show a contrast between a dramatic look with a lot of makeup
& a neutral look with pretty lashes.

don't be afraid to wear red lipstick.
it's not scary.
if you are hesitant,
try doing just a dab of red lipstick on the bottom & top lip
then add a light coat of gloss.

for those of you with no fear, 
rock those red lips to the top!

you are all beautiful, 
have a lovely day!!

image sources:

Thursday, August 9, 2012

spread the love link party #20

weekend already, again, 
how does this happen! crazy.
my sweet hubby got me a dress form, yaay!
her name is ava.
my husband and i are obsessed with grey's anatomy lately,
& a jane doe patient whose name is rebecca turns to ava!
if you haven't yet, watch grey's. it's a goodie.

the JUNIEblake giveaway is over, 
there were three winners. check your email to see if you were a winner!

here are my favorite link ups from last week, 
and trust me... these are GREAT!!
these are super cute, go to the gingerbread blog
you have got to see how darling this look in a ponytail!
i have tried rootbeer float cookies, but i have never had cupcakes!
i bet the frosting is DELICIOUS!
& seriously, 
i am a harry potter freeek. i love hp.
for real.
so i love this jacket marissa made! 
so cute, and need one for myself!

now party time!
spread the love is a weekend wrap up link party.
share with us ANYTHING you have been 
working on, crushing on, making, baking etc. this week.
this party has NO RULES.
rules are too hard for me.
if you want to link up a URL, feel free!

i would REALLY REALLY love it if you follow my blog in some manner.
check out ways to follow in the sidebar.
if you like the party, add a button or a link somewhere to your blog!
not required, just nice to do...help spread the love!
love notes by lauryn
the party will last from friday morning to monday morning each week.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

free desktop of the month: august 2012

i decided i am going to be done making calendar desktops.
mostly because i feel like if i make the desktop, i should use it..
and i am getting kinda sick of having the calendar & want a picture instead.
so i made this desktop for august:
of course, 
you can add your own photo.
you will need some type of photo editing program like photoshop or gimp, 
one that allows you to use layers.
you will drag your picture as a new layer, it needs to be the bottom layer
you will likely need to resize the photo.
click here to download the png file
it will look something like this:
and for those of you who don't have a photo editing program, 
i created a desktop that requires no editing.
to download this one, just right/double click and save as.

please let me know if you have any problems with downloading either desktop.
if you need help with adding your picture, i would be happy to help..
just email me so i can contact you easily:
laurynashli1 {at} gmail {dot} com

and make today great!

& don't forget to enter the JUNIEblake giftcard giveaway, 
go here to enter

Friday, August 3, 2012

spread the love link party #19

still in california! 
i'm hoping that all of these posts i've scheduled are coming together clearly.
and especially for todays post..i'm a little nervous
if things come together as i hoped, 
below you will find the weekly link party & an awesome giveaway
if things are crazy, i'm sorry.

today i am so excited to host an amazing giveaway from JUNIEblake
JUNIEblake has offered to give away not just 1 but 2 $30 gift cards to the shop.
JUNIEblake has the cutest chic and stylish modest clothing 
it doesn't need to be layered, it doesn't need to be altered.
it is simply modest & simply beautiful.
here are some of my favorites:
i'm sure you'd like to win a gift card, 
so enter enter!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

now onto the party.
spread the love is a weekend wrap up link party.
share with us ANYTHING you have been 
working on, crushing on, making, baking etc. this week.
this party has NO RULES.
rules are too hard for me.
if you want to link up a URL, feel free!

i would REALLY REALLY love it if you follow my blog in some manner.
check out ways to follow in the sidebar.
if you like the party, add a button or a link somewhere to your blog!
not required, just nice to do...help spread the love!

love notes by lauryn

here are my favorites from last week:

& i love this one:

Thursday, August 2, 2012

brave inspired style

saved the best for last.
when i saw this show i was IN LOVE.
i love the line at the end of the brave movie:

our fate lives within us.
we just have to be brave enough to see it.

i was so inspired i created this image on my bamboo tablet
right when i came home:

*side note* my hubby got me my wacom bamboo tablet for our anniversary at the end of may.
i have been using it like CRAZY getting things ready for the grand re-opening ish of my shop.
(even though it was never really "closed")

here is today's disney fashion:
brave inspired style

brave inspired style by laurynashli1 featuring roman sandals

polyvore kills me,
i could seriously play dress up all day long.
don't you feel like you just need that outfit?

now.. you have GOT to come back tomorrow,
awesome link party :)
some special junieBLAKE giveaways

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

space mountain style

i may or may not be on this very ride as you are reading this.
seriously one of my favorite rides in disneyland/world:
space mountain!!
hey space nerds... let's not make space so um.. nerdy.

totally cool, right?
space mountain style

space mountain style by laurynashli1 featuring striped tops

come back tomorrow for the last disney inspired outfit
& come on friday to party and enter a saweet giveaway!

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