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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

the many sides of red lipstick

i love red lipstick.
it is classic.
it is editorial.
anyone can pull it of. (yes, even you.)
and it is not as complicated as it might seem, just GO FOR IT!
here are some different ways you can wear red lipstick:

bright hues are really trendy right now. 
orange lips are hitting it big, but i like a calmer take... 
more of an orange red like the picture on the left.

deep berry & burgundy colors are on the rise again, 
so pull out mom's old lipstick and darken your lips with a deep red.

a lipstick can be worn either matte or glossy.
both are different, but create beautiful looks.
to create a lasting matte lip, use a red lip liner the same color as your lipstick.
the lipstick will stay longer without bleeding.
to glossy up your lipstick, use a simple clear gloss after applying a coat of red lipstick.
don't forget to kiss a tissue, your lips will thank you..
between the lipstick and the gloss, they will need a little dabbing.

red lipstick is so versatile, 
you can wear it casually to the movies, 
or on your wedding day.
the makeup you wear to accompany your lipstick can create either look.
the above pictures show a contrast between a dramatic look with a lot of makeup
& a neutral look with pretty lashes.

don't be afraid to wear red lipstick.
it's not scary.
if you are hesitant,
try doing just a dab of red lipstick on the bottom & top lip
then add a light coat of gloss.

for those of you with no fear, 
rock those red lips to the top!

you are all beautiful, 
have a lovely day!!

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