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Monday, August 20, 2012

wooden photo blocks

this summer i salvaged some wooden block remnants from grandpa's firewood stash.
i knew something good could come out of them.
after having them in my car for a few weeks, 
i brought them inside.
after staring at blank blocks for a good few days,
i nailed it.
i decided i was going to make wooden blocks saying "LOVE"
here they are.

turns out i didn't want to do "LOVE" blocks.
i kinda just messed around until i came out with these picture blocks.

i had a beautiful paper pack.
i cut each of the papers to the size of the blocks and spray glued them on.
i antiqued the edges with a chalk stamp pad & mod podged the top.

the elements (rose, ticket, etc.) were also part of the scrapbook pack.
darling stuff i tell ya.

the clothes pins are hot glued to the block.
i added a strip of paper to cover the pin.
the pictures are interchangeable because of the clothes pins.

here i wrapped the block with yarn.. just a simple embellishment.

although i imagined something different, 
i am glad with how the blocks turned out!
they are a great way to use up your cute scrapbook paper..
ya know the kind you are saving because you know you want it displayed, 
you just don't know how to display it!
(i could be the only crazy person who does that...)

have a great day!
schools are starting for me today.
back at the university tomorrow, 
and welcoming the little preschoolers to their first day of school.
a crazy, but exciting day for me!
little sissy is getting MARRIED! 
& i am in charge of planning.

so thank you for being understanding & patient with me
during this fast paced time of life.

{love} lauryn
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