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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

free desktop of the month: august 2012

i decided i am going to be done making calendar desktops.
mostly because i feel like if i make the desktop, i should use it..
and i am getting kinda sick of having the calendar & want a picture instead.
so i made this desktop for august:
of course, 
you can add your own photo.
you will need some type of photo editing program like photoshop or gimp, 
one that allows you to use layers.
you will drag your picture as a new layer, it needs to be the bottom layer
you will likely need to resize the photo.
click here to download the png file
it will look something like this:
and for those of you who don't have a photo editing program, 
i created a desktop that requires no editing.
to download this one, just right/double click and save as.

please let me know if you have any problems with downloading either desktop.
if you need help with adding your picture, i would be happy to help..
just email me so i can contact you easily:
laurynashli1 {at} gmail {dot} com

and make today great!

& don't forget to enter the JUNIEblake giftcard giveaway, 
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