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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

using cupcake liners to accent a banner

i got some chipboard banner pieces the other day..
and i really wanted to use cupcake liners in crafting.
seriously the possibilities are endless with these!
why did i never think of this before?

here's what i came up with:

this was such a fast and easy craft to make cause the cupcake liners were already cut and rippled!
i'm pretty excited about them. christmas decor is slightly lacking in my home...
can you blame me? i've been married for a year and a half ish.. i really gotta get my collection started!
have a holly JOLLY christmas

oh ps: if you like my picture edits check out this post for how to's.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

free photo editing programs online

okay.. so i do know how to edit pictures,
but let me tell you. i am SO amateur.

usually i use picnik.com to edit my blog pictures or i edit them in photoshop.
BUT.. i was kinda getting sick of the same old stuff.

also... i have been seeing instagram pictures EVERYWHERE and have been so super jealous of them.
if you don't know what instagram is, read this!
unfortunately, i don't have an iphone so i can't get instagram :(

so i decided to search the web for some FREE and easy photo editing programs.
and i was SO pleased with what i found. most of these are just a few steps...WAY fast editing.
below are before & after pics all using the same picture (that's me in cali on our honeymoon)
from various sites and a little snippet about them & my opinion about them.

i still love picnik. with picnic you can do basic edits like cropping and lighting changes.
you can also apply effects, frames, text, and make collages.
picnik does not require you to create an account, but i have an account with picnik so my recent images can be kept on file. picnik is free unless you upgrade to premium. i don't have premium and i am still able to create some really great image edits.

i really like the different styles you can apply on images through rollip. when you go to rollip, you pick the effect you want then upload the picture and the program will automatically apply the affect to your picture. there is a downside about this setup: if you aren't satisfied with the edit, you must go back, pick an edit style, and upload your photo again. it's not so bad...but hopefully you are pleased with the first couple of tries! no login is required.

picyou is very similar to instagram. you can take pictures, edit them, then share them. a photo editing/sharing site! i really love the edits you can create with this program. and the famous   photo frame is available here! i would LOVE to use picyou in place of instagram, but unfortunately there is no android app for this one. (i couldn't find any app actually). picyou requires that you create an account. it's very simple to do though.

pixlr-o-matic is an easy editor from the creators of pixlr (which i have actually never used, but i assume it is a great program). i think pixlr-o-matic is the easiest program to use of the ones i have listed. no login is required. you upload a photo from your computer, apply styles, apply frames, or apply textures.
that simple. in 3 steps you can create a really awesome edit. i will be using this one a lot to edit pictures for the bloggy blog. there is an android app for this one as well, but this is not a photo sharing site.
just an editing site.


do you have a photobucket account? photobucket is a image hosting center on the web. but they also have a way to edit the images. i have never used the editor before today but it is pretty great. the editor in photobucket is powered by a site called fotoflexer. i would say fotoflexer has as many photo editing options as picnik (if not more). the editor on photobucket is a little more simple than the full fotoflexer editor...and by more simple i mean there are a few less photo editing options. no account required for this one either!

picplz is a photo sharing and photo editing software. to use picplz, you upload your photo and apply an edit. there really isn't much else you can do...but the edits are pretty great. the program was simple. picplz requires an account to use. there are both android and iphone apps available.

pretty cool huh!
most of these are retro/vintage type edits. i will be posting pretty soon here about how to use photoshop actions. they tend to have a more professional look than the web edits do. although some web edits can turn out looking pretty schnazzy sometimes and look super pro!

hope you enjoyed... i am sure you will be seeing a lot more pictures on here edited by these various programs!

buh bye :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

guest post: if work permits nail design

this lady is darling.
you have got to check out her blog.
i personally invited her to guest post today cause i LOVE what she does with her nails. 
super cute.
thanks bekah :)


Hey there-I'm Bekah from If Work Permits and I'm super excited that Lauryn asked me to guest post over here :) I've always loved her designs and creativity! I mean, did you SEE her Hocus Pocus Costume? Hilarious and crafty.
As pour moi, I blog about life, crafting, fashion, and lots about my little guy Mr. Harrison...
{one of my BFFs along with my Husband}

Lovely Lauryn asked me to share one of my biggest passions right now: Nail design. I've always loved doing nails and within the last year, I've started experimenting more and more with it.
There's the spooky for Halloween:

Or the edgy look:
Something cheery and delicious:

Or something floral:
I have nails for every kind of mood and I update them weekly with my Wet Polish and Wardrobe Wednesdays. For me, I can be wearing a t-shirt and jeans but as long as I have my nails done, I'm feeling put together. They can dress up a plain outfit or give yourself an edge. They can make you feel red-hot or they can make you feel chilled out. In my opinion, you can't do your nails enough and I intend to try out every possibility!
Some day soon, I intend to capitalize on my passion and go to nail technician school to get certified, that way I can work from home making everyone's nails into masterpieces. As for now, I'm enjoying it with weekly nail parties with my nieces and sisters :)
So what about you? What is your passion? And what do you do with it? Do you play around with it here or there? Or have you turned it into a business?
If you get the chance stop on over {Here} and enter my giveaway that is going on right now! It's been so much fun and I'm so happy that Lauryn had me pop on over! Thanks again! :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

chan luu jewelry and scarves

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Creative Contrast LLC for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
creative contrast is a great site offering designer accessories.
chan luu is one of the designers on creative contrast. they carry high end jewelry and scarves.
if you are looking for a fabulous and quality christmas present, here is a GREAT place to shop. Chan Luu Jewelry and Scarves is offering a 20% off discount and FREE shipping worldwide using discount code CHAN20.
here are some of my favorite items:
delicate white jade necklace
silk and cashmere polka dot scarf
blue lace agate earrings
gold feather wrap bracelet
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Thursday, November 17, 2011

back to december coming!

a little bit of housekeeping guys.
remember that one time when i told you at 175 followers we would have a giveaway?
well i am NOT going back on my word. 
PROMISE PROMISE there will be a choose your own giveaway with 5 items.
but right now, we have a my memories suite giveaway going on 

the giveaway will start around the 26th of november 
as that is when the my memories suite giveaway ends.

now... on another note.
back to december at love notes by lauryn

i can't wait for this series.
it's going to be great!

have a FABULOUS weekend guys :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

let it snow girl drawing

i have decided to utilize my art skills a little more and not so much my crafting skills on etsy.
artwork is way easier to ship and i can ensure it will not break.

i recently added this let it snow girl to the etsy shop.
i am working on a top secret drawing to go up next!
well it's not really top secret. just a surprise and i'm excited!

girl drawing let it snow

and for you love notes fans (thank you thank you!) here is a coupon code i am sharing just for readers:
use IREADLOVENOTES to get 30% off any item at lulu's little loft.

hurry quick. a lot of the items in the shop expire NOVEMBER 26!
if you are looking for a unique christmas gift, go check it out asap!

seriously! asap!
love much 

blunt bang bob

we went and saw the movie in time over the weekend.
i personally loved it.
we saw a totally new style for miss amanda seyfreid.
a short bob cut with blunt bangs.

i really like the cut for her.
sets her face shape off well.
so with my movie inspiration,
i set off to find more haircuts of this adorable style.

this picture is definitely my favorite.
in the movie, amanda's character is sleek and classic.
cute style, but i love how this cut looks more indie.
a winged eyeliner and pink lip top off the look.
Pinned Image

i love the cut here with the makeup.
a dramatic smoky eye and big lashes with nude lipstick.

both images found on pinterest
amanda seyfried image found on google search

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

emerald green shoes

i have been really into emerald green lately.
not too long ago i thought the color was awful.
but either christmas, or a constantly changing fashion world changed my mind.
i am now really thinking it's a rocking color.
here are my new nanny shoes in suedy emerald green.
i had to get them. i LOVE them.

i was hesitant about the color though, 
when i think about this dark green,
 i think of my mother's emerald green jumper in the 90's.
(it was cute then momma. no worries. hehe.)
i also think of this little movie:
it is completely emerald green.
remember the little princess?
so my opinion is the color is sneaking back in style.
maybe for now i am just loving emerald green as an accent color.
here are some great emerald green things i found on pinterest.
click on the image for the original source.

Pinned Image

Pinned ImagePinned Image

so what do you think?
like my new shoes?
am i crazy for loving emerald green?
crazy for thinking it ever was out of style?

have a lovely day.
go check out the current giveaway here.

Monday, November 14, 2011

leather and ribbon headband

 i so love braids lately.
here's a braided headband i made with some pieces of leather and a pale yellow ribbon.
a tutorial after these pictures!

it's pretty self explanatory, 
but here's a tutorial anyway!

happy monday :)
if you missed it on saturday, 
don't forget to enter the digital scrapbook program giveaway
($40 value!)
click here!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

my memories suite giveaway!

hello hello!
so i have a WAY sweet giveaway that i am super excited for:

so you might know that i am a self taught graphic designer...
i recently designed a scrapbook type layout for our 2010 family yearbook.
super fun.
if you are NOT a graphic designer, 
my memories is a FABULOUS digital scrapbooking software.
it was so easy to use that i am convinced to use the program for my 2011 family yearbook.
i can't wait to get started!
in the mean time, i have made some other things with the my memories suite software:

so how's this for a deal.
my memories is giving one lucky love notes reader my memories suite software
a $40 value for FAH-REE!!

with this software the creations are endless:
scrapbook layouts
photo backgrounds
etc. etc. etc.
here is one of my favorite layouts:

and the program is SIMPLE! 
it comes with tons and tons of cute pre-made backgrounds/papers, shapes, layouts, and
embellishments {ribbons, flowers, office supplies, flourishes, etc.}
in addition to that:
you can also get some kits for free! click here 

so here's how you enter:

Thursday, November 10, 2011

polyvore. sweet!

happy friday-almost!
unfortunately i think i am going to have to cancel flashback friday's for a little while.
it's only a small party, and is pretty time consuming.
i would LOVE to devote more time to this blog, but for now... i must attend to life.
i will start the link party back up again when i feel i have more time to promote the link party and invite others to join. i want you all to be able to come to the party and find a BUNCH of great ideas.
we will shoot for that.
until then,  i might also do a few link parties here and there, so keep a look out for them!

now for today's post.
polyvore is old news. i get it.
but i recently discovered exactly what it is.
you can make some sweet fashion sets EASY.
i decided to register and was suddenly addicted.
it's like the grown up dress up game i never even knew existed.

so here are two sets i created.

kris kringle

Salt and Pepper

i am way excited to learn more about polyvore and kinda figure things out.
so whadya think? any of you know anything about polyvore?
share the wealth! help me figure out what i'm doing :)

have a fabulous weekend everyone.
we've got a giveaway on MONDAY so come back by!
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