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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

guest post: if work permits nail design

this lady is darling.
you have got to check out her blog.
i personally invited her to guest post today cause i LOVE what she does with her nails. 
super cute.
thanks bekah :)


Hey there-I'm Bekah from If Work Permits and I'm super excited that Lauryn asked me to guest post over here :) I've always loved her designs and creativity! I mean, did you SEE her Hocus Pocus Costume? Hilarious and crafty.
As pour moi, I blog about life, crafting, fashion, and lots about my little guy Mr. Harrison...
{one of my BFFs along with my Husband}

Lovely Lauryn asked me to share one of my biggest passions right now: Nail design. I've always loved doing nails and within the last year, I've started experimenting more and more with it.
There's the spooky for Halloween:

Or the edgy look:
Something cheery and delicious:

Or something floral:
I have nails for every kind of mood and I update them weekly with my Wet Polish and Wardrobe Wednesdays. For me, I can be wearing a t-shirt and jeans but as long as I have my nails done, I'm feeling put together. They can dress up a plain outfit or give yourself an edge. They can make you feel red-hot or they can make you feel chilled out. In my opinion, you can't do your nails enough and I intend to try out every possibility!
Some day soon, I intend to capitalize on my passion and go to nail technician school to get certified, that way I can work from home making everyone's nails into masterpieces. As for now, I'm enjoying it with weekly nail parties with my nieces and sisters :)
So what about you? What is your passion? And what do you do with it? Do you play around with it here or there? Or have you turned it into a business?
If you get the chance stop on over {Here} and enter my giveaway that is going on right now! It's been so much fun and I'm so happy that Lauryn had me pop on over! Thanks again! :)


  1. bekah has to have one of the cutest little boys ive ever seen
    hands down no lie :)
    hes adorable

  2. Nice nail design. I am so boring color maybe a little glitter if I am feeling adventurous but I always love to see cool nails. Thanks for sharing :)


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