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Thursday, November 10, 2011

polyvore. sweet!

happy friday-almost!
unfortunately i think i am going to have to cancel flashback friday's for a little while.
it's only a small party, and is pretty time consuming.
i would LOVE to devote more time to this blog, but for now... i must attend to life.
i will start the link party back up again when i feel i have more time to promote the link party and invite others to join. i want you all to be able to come to the party and find a BUNCH of great ideas.
we will shoot for that.
until then,  i might also do a few link parties here and there, so keep a look out for them!

now for today's post.
polyvore is old news. i get it.
but i recently discovered exactly what it is.
you can make some sweet fashion sets EASY.
i decided to register and was suddenly addicted.
it's like the grown up dress up game i never even knew existed.

so here are two sets i created.

kris kringle

Salt and Pepper

i am way excited to learn more about polyvore and kinda figure things out.
so whadya think? any of you know anything about polyvore?
share the wealth! help me figure out what i'm doing :)

have a fabulous weekend everyone.
we've got a giveaway on MONDAY so come back by!

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