Tuesday, November 29, 2011

free photo editing programs online

okay.. so i do know how to edit pictures,
but let me tell you. i am SO amateur.

usually i use picnik.com to edit my blog pictures or i edit them in photoshop.
BUT.. i was kinda getting sick of the same old stuff.

also... i have been seeing instagram pictures EVERYWHERE and have been so super jealous of them.
if you don't know what instagram is, read this!
unfortunately, i don't have an iphone so i can't get instagram :(

so i decided to search the web for some FREE and easy photo editing programs.
and i was SO pleased with what i found. most of these are just a few steps...WAY fast editing.
below are before & after pics all using the same picture (that's me in cali on our honeymoon)
from various sites and a little snippet about them & my opinion about them.

i still love picnik. with picnic you can do basic edits like cropping and lighting changes.
you can also apply effects, frames, text, and make collages.
picnik does not require you to create an account, but i have an account with picnik so my recent images can be kept on file. picnik is free unless you upgrade to premium. i don't have premium and i am still able to create some really great image edits.

i really like the different styles you can apply on images through rollip. when you go to rollip, you pick the effect you want then upload the picture and the program will automatically apply the affect to your picture. there is a downside about this setup: if you aren't satisfied with the edit, you must go back, pick an edit style, and upload your photo again. it's not so bad...but hopefully you are pleased with the first couple of tries! no login is required.

picyou is very similar to instagram. you can take pictures, edit them, then share them. a photo editing/sharing site! i really love the edits you can create with this program. and the famous   photo frame is available here! i would LOVE to use picyou in place of instagram, but unfortunately there is no android app for this one. (i couldn't find any app actually). picyou requires that you create an account. it's very simple to do though.

pixlr-o-matic is an easy editor from the creators of pixlr (which i have actually never used, but i assume it is a great program). i think pixlr-o-matic is the easiest program to use of the ones i have listed. no login is required. you upload a photo from your computer, apply styles, apply frames, or apply textures.
that simple. in 3 steps you can create a really awesome edit. i will be using this one a lot to edit pictures for the bloggy blog. there is an android app for this one as well, but this is not a photo sharing site.
just an editing site.


do you have a photobucket account? photobucket is a image hosting center on the web. but they also have a way to edit the images. i have never used the editor before today but it is pretty great. the editor in photobucket is powered by a site called fotoflexer. i would say fotoflexer has as many photo editing options as picnik (if not more). the editor on photobucket is a little more simple than the full fotoflexer editor...and by more simple i mean there are a few less photo editing options. no account required for this one either!

picplz is a photo sharing and photo editing software. to use picplz, you upload your photo and apply an edit. there really isn't much else you can do...but the edits are pretty great. the program was simple. picplz requires an account to use. there are both android and iphone apps available.

pretty cool huh!
most of these are retro/vintage type edits. i will be posting pretty soon here about how to use photoshop actions. they tend to have a more professional look than the web edits do. although some web edits can turn out looking pretty schnazzy sometimes and look super pro!

hope you enjoyed... i am sure you will be seeing a lot more pictures on here edited by these various programs!

buh bye :)


  1. Thanks for sharing. I never edit my photos, so this is valuable info for me!

  2. very cool! I love finding out about free photo editing sites.

    I have instagram on my phone and I LOVE it! I also use picnik, but I pay for the premium. I'll have to check out the other sites! :)

  3. Thanks so much for this list! I had no idea there were this many options out there. Very helpful to know.

  4. WOW! Thanks for finding all those editing sites! I usually use picasa, but excited to try the others! Your pictures look great! Thanks for linking up today!!

  5. Obrigada pelo post sobre editar as fotos...eu uso picnik para editar as minhas ,mas vou dar uma olhadinha nos outros também.Vou adicionar seu site para não perder as atualizações e se quiser podes ir visitar-me no meu cantinho.by

  6. This is awesome! I had no idea there were so many other editors out there. Thanks for putting this together. I would love for you to come link this up to my party if you had the time - http://www.literallyinspired.com/2011/11/wytbw-i-am-almost-30.html

    Hope to see you there!


  7. Thanks, this is a great resource for other options for editing pics - I'm like you, I get tired of the same old same old too!

    I found you from Marvelously Messy's link party! So glad I did :).

  8. You were one of the most viewed links at last week's {wow me} wednesday party! Yay! Featuring YOU tonight over on my blog. Thanks for linking up...hope to see ya tonight, too!

    Ginger @ gingersnapcrafts.com


  9. Thanks for your "research" on this! I use picnik a lot but didn't know about the other sites...you are very helpful!

  10. I have used picnik and fotoflexer, but none of the others. Thanks for reviewing them and showing examples! One question--how did you add the "before" and "after" text? Did you use photoshop for this?

  11. Wow, this is often a good plan to undertake samples on mistreatment the ikon editor! Thanks for the tutorial, it'll be extremely useful as I'm not that sensible at such programs. Referencing to Aaron Shepard adds lots to your credibility! All of his books are necessities for the self-publisher. photo editing software


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