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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

it's all a bunch of HOCUS POCUS!

we went to witch stock in ogden this past weekend.
me and my ladies went as the
from hocus pocus
scroll down if you are just interested in seeing how my costume was made

amuck, amuck, amuck!!

during witch stock we were asked to perform
i put a spell on you
at the car show at burger stop..SO FUN

we watched the movie LOTS to get the costumes and dance as perfect as we could

we made the costumes 100%
they are completely pieced, hot glued, and safety pinned together
we got everything from savers, di, & fabric stores.
mine costed $25 and it was the MOST expensive. WOO!!

a breakdown of my costume:
hair: made longer by borrowing my bestie's hair extension. (thanks love)
lace sleeves: an ugly white dress i got at the di to turn into a skirt..dyed with rit dye
corset: sis in law's lingerie with added fabric glued on
purple part of skirt: a HUGE graduation gown pinned around waist-
sleeves tied in a knot and safety pinned up.  
cape, red & gold parts: fabric from joannes

i had to throw this picture in. i LOVE my cute hubby.
isn't he darling :)

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