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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

february desktop background

i decided to go with a little more simple design this month for the desktop.
i actually really like the way it turned out... helps my desktop feel clean!
to set desktop background:
right/double click the image
click save as
open up the document and set as desktop background
for larger desktops

for smaller desktops
here's to a wonderful february!
if you are using the desktops PLEASE let me know.
i love to make them, but if no one is using them i will discontinue...
let me know in an email or in the comment section!

thanks so much 
{love} lauryn

Monday, January 30, 2012

how to use mac pigment

i've been pretty excited about this post.
i'm going to show you 4 different ways to use pigment
if you don't know what pigment is, 
pigment is a coloring system for make up.
basically, you can use one pot of pigment for ALL your makeup.
and a little goes a long way!
i have a lot of mac pigment so that's what i will use to show.
mac makeup is what i use most often, so i am a little partial to it :)

but there are also a lot of other pigments 
L'Oreal HiP Shocking Shadow Pigments.Opens in a new window

check your local beauty supplier, ask if they have pigment pots 
and they can probably show you a few different brands.

here are the materials you will need for makeup:
a shadow brush
a cheek brush
cotton swabs

when using pigment to color cheeks
just dip the brush in the pigment... that's it
and apply to your cheeks like blush.
the pigment i use is yellowish in color and goes on a shimmery pink.

when using pigment to color lips
dip a cotton swab in vaseline
then dip the cotton swab in the pigment color of your choice.
apply on lips

when using pigment as eyeshadow
first apply lotion to the lid,
dip the shadow brush in the loose powder
apply on eyes to create an intense LASTING color
using pigment as shadow is my favorite way to use pigment.
in the picture below, i have used two colors...
and it lasts ALL DAY...with seriously NO WEARING!!

when using pigment as fingernail polish,
dump out a little clear polish and pigment on a plate,
stir the mixture together and it creates a fabulous colored polish!

long story short:
pigment is the GREATEST!
it lasts for such a long time.
i have had one pot since JUNIOR HIGH!
and it still works like a charm :)
comment/email me if you have any questions about using pigment 
and i will do my best to help!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

easy peasy glitter phone

so do you remember my men's shirt refashion
that the sissy sewed for me?
we decided we would do an exchange that day.
i would make her a glitter phone case if she sewed my shirt.
she's way better at sewing.
and i'm a decent crafter.

she came up with the glitter phone case tutorial on her own.
i just made it :)

you will need:
mod podge (i'm sure elmer's glue would work too)
an existing phone case (ours was plastic)
fine powder glitter (martha stewart is our favorite!)
and a sponge brush.

here's what to do

mod podge the phone case:

dump the glitter all over the mod podge.
you might want to use a piece of paper to catch all the glitter!

shake off the loose glitter
let the glue/glitter dry.
cover the phone case with a thin layer of mod podge.
this will cause some glitter to lift.
but it's okay!
create a little pile of glitter/mod podge mixture to fix up all the glitterless spots.
and you'll get this:

super easy huh!
sissy has been using her glitter phone for the past couple of weeks-ish
and says it is holding up great, just lost a tiny bit of glitter!

ready to bring on a new week?
here we go, let's make it a great one!
{love} lauryn

Thursday, January 26, 2012

top knot, slouchy belt, & some polka dots

i figure it is about due time for an outfit post.
so behold:

here's the lowdown:
earrings: target
bracelets: urban outfitters
necklace/scarf: handmade
dress: ume boutique (a gift from the sissy)
belt: thrifted
leggings: hue
socks: target
boots: madden girl (a gift from the hubby)

baby trixie was such a sweetheart.
she loves to follow right by our feet constantly.
and she's so little we are always worried we are going to squish the little baby!
i couldn't help but allow her in the mini little photo shoot.

 i mean,
look at this darling picture!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

i love your guts printable

i figured it was more than due time for a printable.
this is a lauryn quote.
i say this to my hubby all the time.
i love his guts! what can i say!

so feel free to take the printable, i just ask that you browse around the blog a little..
if you are interested follow, if not don't 
the printable is free regardless :)
{please make sure to give me proper credit if you use this image on your site... thanks}

just right/double click the image and click save to your computer.
you should be able to print it from your computer.
let me know if you have any troubles and i will be happy to email the document to you.
and tell me if you download this,
if you like it,
if you want to see more...
i LOVE feedback.

love love peeps.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

felt wreath tutorial

well..if you want.

these pictures are pretty bad.
here are my excuses:

1. awful lighting.

2. this is how tutorial/blogging photography usually works for me:
take one thousand pictures of the same thing over and over
shoot, the lighting is still not right.
take a thousand more pictures.
what? it's been half an hour? i need to just choose a picture.
hmm..that one has a sock in the background, 
that one is blurry.
oh, this one too.
maybe i will just take one more.
take a thousand more pictures.
finally got one!
put it on the computer.
wow. that looked a lot better on my itty bitty camera screen.
well, i will just edit it.
ha! no one will ever know.

so needless to say... i just skipped all that and went with the first picture i took.
i know it's hard to believe, but the camera only clicked ONCE for each of the pics below.
no second tries for this poor tutorial.

another thing:
this tutorial is a little bit interesting..it kinda has double instructions.

you get what you get with my busy life
but it is a tutorial none the less!
let's hope i didn't just scare everyone away from the blog.
love you guys.
thanks for not minding
(i hope!)

a fabulous friend of mine and i got together a little bit ago to make some felt wreaths.
i had a TON of extra felt lying around.
i ended up with a valentines day wreath.
here's mine:

and here's the tutorial
start with a wreath form:

i used a pool noodle i had cut and sealed off with duct tape.
i also wrapped the duct tape around the whole noodle to cover that blue.
no one can know i used a pool noodle,

next trace & cut circles.

use something round to trace the circles.
make sure the circles are all the same size.

pinch/fold/bend the circles.
hot glue to the wreath form:

go around the entire wreath form,
fill in all empty spots with more circles.

i used both fabric and felt for mine and it turned out just great!
i am not sure quite how many circles i used,
but i found out a little goes a long way!
i thought i would need a lot more than i actually ended up using.

easy and fast!
my holiday decorations keep growing!
(yaay for the newly-ish wed!)

happy day
{love} lauryn

Friday, January 20, 2012

guest post: sherri from sherriamour

Hey ya'll! I'm Sherri from over here. I'm a thrift hunter from the land of Canada. I love to dance, sew, eat, and hang with the fam and friends. SHERRIAMOUR is my personal style blog and photo dairy that I started summer of 2011. Here is a little blurb of what kinds of trinkets you'll find on the blog....

 OOTD (outfits of the day) by yours truly...
 Streetstyle shots from my hometown (sometimes nerve racking to do)...
'Style File' guestposts by my friends and favorite bloggers... 
'Tuesday Pinterest' (inspiration from my boards)...

Photo journal of my daily life...
I got to shop in the 'Oh So Lovely Vintage' girls mobile shop!

and everything else in between...

Thanks so much for having me :)
If ya like what you see, please come over and say hi! 

xo sherri

Monday, January 16, 2012

men's shirt refashion

my hubby has a bunch of shirts that were too small (some too big)
and i have been saving them for awhile to refashion.
but they have been sitting in the box.
because I DON'T SEW!
but i had my little sissy as my helper.
she made the picture below possible!

i'm not a model.
i'm not a photographer.
no judging.

what do you think?
it's fabulous, huh!
my sister is such a talented seamstress.
i LOVE the shirt!

tribute goes to this lady.
my little sissy is the seamstress.
i didn't touch the sewing machine once.
i could NOT have done this without her.

thanks boo boo.
i love you!

top five journal entry

i had been so busy with the holidays i didn't get the chance to write in my journal for awhile.
when i was younger, i was an avid journal writer. every day without fail.
now i'm not near as good, but i try my best to write consistently.

sometimes it is easier if i can organize my journaling with bullets or ideas.
it sure makes it so i can get an entry in faster
and it covers the things i have going on in my life all in one entry.
this particular entry was titled:

since i last journaled
*update: sissy was reading the blog and says, "what's number three?"
i'm thinking....what do you mean? i go check out the post:
TOTALLY skipped number three.
so let me introduce to you the top FOUR most interesting things
apparently number three wasn't worth my time hehe*

i just picked five things that had happened between christmas (that was my last entry) and now.

happy martin luther king jr. day

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

a tribute to the blog name

hello to a new blog design!
i thought i was done changing the blog,
apparently not.
i love blog designing. it is too fun.
so i would love to say the blog won't be changing,
but i can make no promises!

i was browsing pinterest for cute love note ideas as a tribute to the blog name.
i figure since valentines day is up and coming it would be a good time to focus on LOVE!

love notes box
school love notes picture
a love note a day in a pill box
(send them while your loved one travels!)
preschool is fabulous.
hubby is sweet.
baby trix is darling.
school is good.

it's a busy life, but the blog will go on!
thanks so much for reading..
it means so much to me!

Monday, January 9, 2012

a first time dye-ing experience!

sad story.
one day i was doing laundry.
i got it out to fold, 
and noticed some pink spots
on ALL the gray stuff in the load.
ugh. seriously, i mixed red in the laundry.

awh shoot.
yes...looks like i'm one of those people.
no, really my experience was not near as bad as the picture above.
but i did ruin a couple gray shirts that were in the load.
my favorite gray cardigan included.
i debated about what i would do with it....
make a scarf, make a headband, ya know...the works.
but i LOVE the fit, and was not wanting to cut it at all.
so i decided i would just dye it...
and here's how it turned out:
(i forgot to take a picture of the pink spots on the gray cardigan so you could see... so just imagine. hehe.)

i haven't had too much experience with dyeing.
and i'm sure i could have done MUCH better.
but for a first time dye-er...not too shabby!
i'm actually pretty excited i was able to salvage the cardigan.

i used this dye:
in a red wine color.
what do you think? any of you experienced in dye-ing?
any tips?

i'm pretty excited to do some more dyeing. 
it is really fun to transform clothes... it's like a mystery to see how it will turn out!
yes. i know i'm a little kid.
yes. i believe in harry potter.
no judging.

lots of love

Sunday, January 8, 2012

happy birthday kenz!

my sweet niece is having a birthday!
i made her invite last night:

 wahoo for turning three!
i can't wait to show you all what her birthday present looks like.
i have been working on it and it's almost ready!

happy day!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

retro & tribal

tribal prints are totally trendy right now.
they are popping up all over the place.
i do love them.
i also LOVE retro...
so i was sketching and game up with this combination:
tribal waist tie, tribal necklaces, & subtle tribal prints
retro hair flip, retro collar and cuffs, & retro dress style.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

january computer desktop

happy new year! 2012 is here.
let's make this a FABULOUS new year with LOTS of happiness!
here's this month's computer desktop.
just right or double click and save to your computer then set as desktop background!
there are two sizes, use the one that fits best on your desktop!

large desktop

small desktop
happy new year!
{love} lauryn
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