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Monday, January 16, 2012

top five journal entry

i had been so busy with the holidays i didn't get the chance to write in my journal for awhile.
when i was younger, i was an avid journal writer. every day without fail.
now i'm not near as good, but i try my best to write consistently.

sometimes it is easier if i can organize my journaling with bullets or ideas.
it sure makes it so i can get an entry in faster
and it covers the things i have going on in my life all in one entry.
this particular entry was titled:

since i last journaled
*update: sissy was reading the blog and says, "what's number three?"
i'm thinking....what do you mean? i go check out the post:
TOTALLY skipped number three.
so let me introduce to you the top FOUR most interesting things
apparently number three wasn't worth my time hehe*

i just picked five things that had happened between christmas (that was my last entry) and now.

happy martin luther king jr. day

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