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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

a tribute to the blog name

hello to a new blog design!
i thought i was done changing the blog,
apparently not.
i love blog designing. it is too fun.
so i would love to say the blog won't be changing,
but i can make no promises!

i was browsing pinterest for cute love note ideas as a tribute to the blog name.
i figure since valentines day is up and coming it would be a good time to focus on LOVE!

love notes box
school love notes picture
a love note a day in a pill box
(send them while your loved one travels!)
preschool is fabulous.
hubby is sweet.
baby trix is darling.
school is good.

it's a busy life, but the blog will go on!
thanks so much for reading..
it means so much to me!

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