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Monday, November 7, 2011

no sew braided t-shirt scarf

the hubby got rid of a bunch of shirts the other day.
i can't wait to get my hands on them. 
here's what i did with one of them,
an easy little scarf:

1. lay the t-shirt flat and cut 6 strips (only 3 pictured, still cut six)
you will have six "circles"
2. cut each circle so you have six long strips. don't stretch out the strips, you will want the thickness of them unstretched.
3. loosely braid three strips together. attach the other three strips so you have three long strips. (you can do this step before you braid, i just braided cause i was getting anxious) cut a slit at the bottom of each strip and at the top of the unbraided three
4. overlap one piece of the braided strip with an unbraided strip. line up the slits.
5. pull the unbraided strip end through the slits coming from behind.
6. pull all the way through. you don't want to make this too tight, but tight enough to be secure.
7. do steps 3-6 to the remaining two strips
8. you will end up with a big long braided strip. use a very loose and almost sloppy braid to get a thicker scarf rather than a necklace.
9. tie each end off by taking two pieces of the braid and tying them in a double knot.
10. you will have one strand "untouched"
11. take the two untied strands from each end
12. and tie them together
13. double knot it. you will have three knots for added accent.

that's it!

happy day everyone :)

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