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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

back to december: floral dresses and cardigans

welcome to day three in the back to december series!
here's day one and day two if you missed them!
i LOVE floral.
and i love cardigans.
taylor really knows how to rock her floral frock and cardi:

so i'm all about modesty
...and am not super comfortable wearing my bare legs with a short dress.
so i added some thick leggings:

i don't have a dog.
i am dying to get one for my birthday (the 28th of this month....i want a puppy!)
this is the dog of the home my sister nannys for. say hello to benny.

i did my hair in a side pony with a headband.
makeup: slightly winged eyeliner and red lips.

let's love taylor together. k!

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