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Thursday, December 8, 2011

one winner left!

some housekeeping:
i decided to start up my tumblr account.
i like tumblr because it's kinda like pinterest and a blog mixed!
so check it out!
(<<<<< click tumblr in the side bar)
i've also decided to go on google plus! 
i've heard google friend connect is going away and google plus is the "replacement"??
i'm really not sure about it but would rather be safe than sorry.
so if you are on google+ come find me here!

today rafflecopter chose the 4th winner:
christy from christy's cuties

she's getting a custom poster!
i'm excited to get it made and show you all what it looks like!

the prizes we have left are:
box of bows
premade holiday card
and premade blog header

come back tomorrow to see the third day of the back to december series!
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