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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

back to december red hat and all black

i have been anxiously waiting for this series to start and... it is FINALLY here!!!

here's where my idea for back to december came from.
one day i was curling my hair with a smaller curling iron than i normally use.
as i was curling i decided my hair was looking too "taylor swift-y"
and then i was thinking...well that is actually a good thing.
i LOVE taylor swift.
and if you have been blinded by her talent, you may want to check out her FABULOUS style.
i absolutely love it. 
so i decided i would get all the clothes in my closet (and a lot from my sister's...love you boo.)
to match up as close as i could to outfits like taylor swift.
this does not mean i will have her same outfit...or look like her.
she's just my inspiration guys k? go easy.

so momma, mundi tunner (they have also been anxiously waiting)
here is DAY ONE in the back to december series:
taylor                                                                                               me

 here's the low down:
red slouchy hat: fabulously made by my grandmother. isn't she AMAZING!
tan purse: $8 target on sale
black jumper: PINK by victoria's secret
boots & jacket: macy's
leggings: well the leggings are actually my dancing leggings. i liked them so much i decided to use them for use other than dance. i think they are balera. if you want some like this, go to any dance wear website.

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