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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

journal entry: my favorite things

florida vacation pics will be coming soon! 
there is so much to write about... so much we did!
so while i am getting that ready, check out a journal entry of mine.
 i had PLENTY of time to write in my journal on our seven hour plane rides to and from florida.
this entry is a compilation of my favorite things.
look closely... there are a LOT squeezed in there!

now it's time for me to head out and do some after christmas shoppin!!
have a lovely day.
{love} lauryn

Monday, December 26, 2011

envelope turned to gift pouch

i guess it's time to come back to life!
hope you all had a FABULOUS christmas.
i can't wait to show you some of my florida trip stuff... fun pictures and outfits.
i figure i better offer something on love notes today before i go off and do more laundry.

for a belated christmas gift,
put a gift card in this little envelope pouch.
happy day everyone.
i will get back into the swing of things soon!

transform an envelope into a treat/gift pouch:

it really is awesome. and so easy.
shall we see what to do?

all you need:
an envelope
any size depending on what you will use it for
a glue stick
any embellishments you want to add!

start with your envelope:

glue the flap shut:

cut off abou half inch of one side end for an opening:

fold and score each side except for the end you cut.
(it doesn't matter the direction you fold it, you just need the mark.)

make sure to score the folds well.
it makes the next part easier.

no you are going to open the envelope
and sort of squish out your folds so are flat and make a square:

you will have the corner flaps left up:

put some glue on the flaps and fold them to the bottom:

and that's it!

add embellishments of your choice.
i shaped my opening and added paper & doodles to make it look like a popcorn bag.
i thought this would be such a fun idea for giving a movie gift card.

just slide the gift card to the movies right in!

here's what it looks like from the back,
you can see the envelope fold.

Monday, December 19, 2011

guest post: mommy by day crafter by night-quilted stocking tutorial

happy monday everyone!
i am in disneyworld for christmas break! 
i've lined up some really really great bloggers to guest post while i am gone.
thank you all who contributed! 
i will get back to comments, etc. when i get home!

our first guest is the amazing ashley:
happy holidays!

Hi everyone! My name is Ashley. I blog over at mommy by day {crafter} by night. The name of my blog pretty much sums up my life at the moment (except I am a mommy by night too- of course!) I have 2 little girls that are 3 and under. As you can imagine, with a baby and a toddler, my life is pretty crazy- but I love every minute of it. To keep myself sane, I craft! I love to push myself to my creative limit and I am always dreaming up a million projects at once! When my kiddos go to sleep at night, I get to crafting and blog about it.
I am so excited to be guest posting for Lauryn today! She and I go way back! She and my little sister are super close friends and have been for years so it has been really fun to get to know her even more through our blogs! She is awesome! :)
Today I am going to share my Quilted Christmas Stocking Tutorial...

Supplies needed:
3-5 different fabrics for outside(if you have scraps leftover from other projects, this is the perfect time to use them since you don't need much for each piece of the front side)
fabric for back piece and liner
fusible fleece
4-6 inches of ribbon
(yardage for fabric and fusible fleece depend on how big your stocking are)
Step 1: Trace or freehand a stocking onto paper. (if you are tracing, be sure to add a little for seam allowances)
 Step 2: Cut your stocking pattern into the design you would like. I cut 4 pieces, but you could do more or less pieces! It's up to you:)
 Step 3: Cut out your fabric (I used a different fabric for each of my 4 pieces) and then piece together your stocking by putting each piece right side together with the piece that it lines up with. After you are done piecing it together, press open the seams.
Step 5: Lay your stocking onto the fusible fleece and cut out a piece exactly the size of your stocking. (Make sure that when you do this step that you are laying the stocking on the correct side of the fleece so that the fusible side will fuse to the back side of the stocking) Iron the fusible fleece to the back side of the stocking.
Step 6: Now for the quilted part. I just sewed straight lines because I have never quilted anything before, but you could get really creative with this step if you are experienced or braver than I am!:) For mine, I just placed the needle as far to the left side as my machine would allow and then just lined up the right side of my presser foot to the line I previously sewed. Super easy and since it is such a small piece it isn't too hard to get your lines straight! :)
Step 7: Trace the stocking onto a piece of paper to create a pattern for the back of the stocking and the liner pieces.
Step 8: Use the stocking pattern to cut out a piece of fabric for the back of the stocking as well as a piece of fusible fleece. (make sure when you do this step that you have the pattern flipped the right way so your pieces match up and you don't create two fronts instead of a back) Iron the fusible fleece to the back piece. Once the fleece is ironed on, you can quilt the back piece if you would like. (I chose not to just because of time.)
 Step 9: Use pattern and cut out the liner fabric. One front and one back.
Now- if you have ever made a zipper pouch, the rest of the tutorial pretty much follows how you would make a zipper pouch (minus the zipper of course)
 Step 10: Take the front piece of the stocking and the front piece of the liner and put them right sides together and sew along the top of the stocking. When you open it up, it should look like this.
Step 11: Take your piece of ribbon (I used about 4 inches of grosgrain ribbon) and create a loop and sew along the bottom edge of the ribbon to secure it.
 Step 12: Take your back piece of the stocking and the back piece of the liner and put them right sides together, but pin your ribbon loop face down on the liner piece in the corner. (make sure to pin it on the side of the stocking that has the heel on it- not the toe side) Sew along the top edge of the stocking
When you open it up it should look like this.
Step 13: Pin your front and back piece of the stockings opened up right side together. (quilted pieces together right sides together and then liner pieces right sides together.) Sew all the way around the stocking but leave an opening big enough to fit your hand in on the side of the liner pieces. (This will be used to turn the stocking right side out.)
Step 14: Once you have sewn all the way around (except your side opening) turn the stocking right side out and then stitch the side opening closed by tucking the raw edges in and stitching as close to the edge as you can. Then tuck your liner down into the stocking.
That's it! You are done! Ready to hang your homemade quilted stocking over the fireplace- or in a tree if you want a cool picture:)
Feel free to email me if you have any questions at mommybydaycrafterbynight{at}gmail{dot}com and be sure to stop by my blog and say hi!
Thanks so much for having me Lauryn!
xoxo, Ashley

Saturday, December 17, 2011


as of (well right now!)
i am on my way to the bright sunny FLORIDA!
we are spending christmas break in disneyworld and universal!
i'm dying to see the harry potter world at universal.
this will be such a fun trip with the family.
can't wait!
because i will be gone i have lined up some
amazing guest posters who have been incredibly willing to help me through my break.
make sure to show them some love!

before i go...
i thought i would share some recent creations:

custom christmas card
kathryn was a giveaway winner!

real princesses don't kiss frogs photo collage:
DARLING girl. wouldn't you agree?

night stalkers custom poster
another giveaway winner.
her husband is a night stalker and she asked me to create this poster for her.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

final back to december post! a little taylor, a little audrey.

so sad this series is over..
it was SO much fun!
today's post is not me in an outfit, 
but a picture i LOVE of taylor and an outfit i wish i had.
she reminds me of audrey hepburn in this picture.
i made this set on polyvore.
the link to this set and other sets are underneath the picture.
a little taylor, a little audrey.

if you have missed any days, here's a little sneak peek.

i hope you all enjoyed the series!
it really was soo much fun. 
have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

back to december: glitter

back to december is almost over! :(
today is day 7!
tomorrow is the last day...
so if you haven't seen them, it's time to catch up!

so i love taylor. can you tell yet?
and i LOVE glitter.
and lucky for me taylor swift is a glitter girl.
unfortunately, i don't have a sweet glitter dress...so i improvised.

the inspiration picture:

and me being glittered up:

top: express
jeans: jc penney
shoes: i don't remember..maybe dsw?
sorry :)

happy day everyone!
{love} lauryn
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