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Saturday, December 17, 2011


as of (well right now!)
i am on my way to the bright sunny FLORIDA!
we are spending christmas break in disneyworld and universal!
i'm dying to see the harry potter world at universal.
this will be such a fun trip with the family.
can't wait!
because i will be gone i have lined up some
amazing guest posters who have been incredibly willing to help me through my break.
make sure to show them some love!

before i go...
i thought i would share some recent creations:

custom christmas card
kathryn was a giveaway winner!

real princesses don't kiss frogs photo collage:
DARLING girl. wouldn't you agree?

night stalkers custom poster
another giveaway winner.
her husband is a night stalker and she asked me to create this poster for her.

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