Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"o" is for original classics

sorry for posting so late today, 
i'm trying to get ready for a craft fair.
between that laundry, dinner, and weddings it's been a busy day.

"o" is for original classics
let's just get right to business.

who doesn't love audrey & marilyn.
i have included a printable of a quote from audrey for fun.
right click on the image to and save it to print.

here are two of the most iconic ladies in history and their hair:

should we learn how to do these do's?

 the marilyn tute:

i used the same technique for the curls as i did in letter "c"
and made my hair "short" by using the tutorial in letter "m"

 the audrey tute:
 (an almost wordless one)

to start:
take the middle section of your hair/bangs-spray and tease
(the same way you would in the marilyn tute)

pin it in
put this section in a pony

fold the ponytail forward and pin it.
pin your bangs back- you may need to do an extra tease & spray.
that's it!

tomorrow is the giveaway! 
please ENTER!!!!

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