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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"o" is for original classics

sorry for posting so late today, 
i'm trying to get ready for a craft fair.
between that laundry, dinner, and weddings it's been a busy day.

"o" is for original classics
let's just get right to business.

who doesn't love audrey & marilyn.
i have included a printable of a quote from audrey for fun.
right click on the image to and save it to print.

here are two of the most iconic ladies in history and their hair:

should we learn how to do these do's?

 the marilyn tute:

i used the same technique for the curls as i did in letter "c"
and made my hair "short" by using the tutorial in letter "m"

 the audrey tute:
 (an almost wordless one)

to start:
take the middle section of your hair/bangs-spray and tease
(the same way you would in the marilyn tute)

pin it in
put this section in a pony

fold the ponytail forward and pin it.
pin your bangs back- you may need to do an extra tease & spray.
that's it!

tomorrow is the giveaway! 
please ENTER!!!!


  1. I LOVE Audrey. She is so classic and feminine and beautiful and stylish and everything good! Thanks for the quote!

  2. Audrey is my absolute favorite of all time! Thanks for the tute! And I was just wanting a printable like that the other day! I pinned that quote and thought how cute would that be in my craft room! Thanks for sharing! I just started a new linky party called Rock your Runway . It's for fashion, makeup, hair posts, etc. Would love to have you link up! And check out the huge giveaway I have going on while your there! ;)

  3. Nice dos! Thanks for sharing these with us:)


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