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Monday, August 15, 2011

"m" is for mock hair cut

i am really excited for this one. 
i cut my hair after the wedding last year thinking it was going to be a blast.
but it wasn't. i bawled. 
i vowed to never cut my hair again. ever. 
so no cute little bob cuts for me.
i figured out an alternative guys!!
the hair ladies always say, i can always cut off more, but i can never make it come back.
well this time you can! 

today i am going to teach you how to go:

now i realize my hair isn't even that long in the first place, but you get the idea right!
i tried to get my sissy to come from utah, but she was working.
you make do with what ya got!
and since i thought it would be hard to do this one taking pics of myself, 
i made you all a drawing.

no laughing.

if you want the image bigger just double click on it :)

isn't that fun!
don't forget to join in on the GIVEAWAY!!!
it ends on letter p! 
the more people the better the prize.
(are you sick of me saying all this yet!?)

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