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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"c" is for curls

afternoon people!
enjoy some curling tips and two curling tutorials.

curling tips:

1. i find if curling my hair, it is easier to use pump hairspray. my hair tends to frizz if i am using aerosol. an exception would be to aerosol spray the entire head and let dry before curling.
2. the wider the barrel the looser the curl. BUT! if you use a small iron and lightly wrap your hair around then pump the iron open a few times you can get a looser curl. (tutorial about that next!)
3. for more of a beachy wave use brand new freshly shampooed and dried hair. for the soft curls below, my hair was untouched. it ended up looking silky smooth :)
4. for more of a crisp look, use dirty hair (i'm not talking freshly camping hair here) 
but a couple days old hair is good. 
5. if your hair doesn't curl with an iron or straightener well, try overnight techniques like:
sleeping in buns

now on to tutorials...
the first tutorial i used a smaller curling iron (i think about 1/2 inch)
the second tutorial i used a larger curling iron (i think 1 1/2 inches)
i may be wrong on the sizes, just remember the first one is small and the second is big!

soft curls tutorial

do not touch curls until your entire head has been curled.
after, you can touch a couple, but it should be okay to leave them straight from the iron.
they will loosen up throughout the day.

barrel curls tutorial

the beloved curling iron i used to achieve this look. 
take a pretty big section, mine was about the length of my part.
and roll curling iron upward. keep the iron horizontal the entire time.
spritz a couple times with a pump hairspray.
release clamp and pull curling iron out horizontally

let the curl fall, but do not brush it or touch it yet!
 do the same type of curl to your entire head. still not touching or brushing!
when you have finished, use your fingers to lightly loosen the curls.
you get something like this:

need you items for curling:

1-pomade or wax to smooth individual curls or frizz.
2. a smoothing serum to use either before or after curling to give
a more natural look.
3. hairspray to seal curls
(i have aerosol and pump pictured, but i like pump best for curling).
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