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Thursday, August 18, 2011

"p" is for ponytails + winner of the giveaway!

good morning everyone! today is the giveaway and i am SO excited!
(scroll down if you just want to get to the winner)
first lets get to letter "p"!

here is a trick i learned from a friend this summer to make a longer ponytail. you probably need to have a curly ponytail so the bottom two don't show through.

and another fun mix with ponytails:

for this one all you do is make a ponytail at the crown of your head, split the hair in two above the elastic band and create a hole, take your hair on the other side of the elastic and pull it through the whole you created. add the leftover hair to your next ponytail and repeat the process...with the end ponytail i put mine in a bun, but it would still be cute left as a pony!

and now...the winner of 
a custom blog header + a blog button + a blog page design 
(if you choose to have all three)
LC at Life We Live 4

"19 LC said...
Im following your lovely blog, maybe stalking....hehehe

blog design winner!



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and thanks for entering.
email me at laurynashli1@gmail.com 
and we can figure out what you want!

we have ONE MORE giveaway!
i haven't quite decided what it will be yet. 
it seemed like a lot of people were interested in blog design.
if you want we can do that again..
let me know what you all want!!
and i will see what i can do.

i will announce what the giveaway will be tomorrow 
so let me know what you want the giveaway to be asap! 
my hubby's best friend and one of my great friends are getting married tonight
then my really good friend from junior high is getting married on friday.
so we are headed up to UTAH!! yaay. i miss that place.
so anyhow... things are crazy round these parts.
hopefully you can expect tomorrow's post in the morning.
cross your fingers!


  1. I saw your blog on the guidebook post for new blogs. I like your ideas, & I'd enter a contest for your custom blog designs. I feel like my blog could look so much better if I knew more about that stuff. Thanks!

  2. great tips!! I have finally got my hair long enough for a pony tail, so I will have to try out this technique! Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a great tip! Thanks for coming to link up at the Weekend Wow Me party! Hope to see you next weekend!

  4. Thanks for linking both of your posts up at Frivolous Friday's!!:)

  5. WOW... you are so good at it. I wish I could do it too.

    Thanks for linking up at Tea Time Thursdays @ Kreative Korner and adding to the fun. The party for this week is going on... hope to see you there again :)



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