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Friday, February 27, 2015

5 FAB Drugstore Lipsticks

Now don't get me wrong, 
I love me some nice MAC lipstick or something pretty from Sephora, 
but some of my favorite lipsticks are drug store brands.
 I'm going to share with you my favorite lipsticks 
on the cheap.

Why I love it:
I love that this is a crayon application. It goes on nice and smooth. Honestly, this color is not my VERY favorite. I am looking to purchase this same product in a different color. Suggesstions??

Why I love it:
It is SUPER cheap. I bought this for $0.98. Seriously the best lipstick on the cheap.

Why I love it:
The gloss doesn't go away! The shine on this beauty is incredible.

Why I love it:
The color is SO pretty and lasts for a LONG time. It also stays glossy which I love!

Why I love it:
This truly goes on like butter. I love that it moisturizes and adds color at the same time.

Can you tell I'm a little partial to Revlon lipsticks? 
I'm always pleased with a Revlon lip color. :)
Above I have some sweet selfies of me sporting those lipsticks last week, 
Although, my selfies just couldn't quite capture the lipsticks in their true colors so I 
showed a sampling of each lipstick in the swatches on my arm below.

This picture also shows a better the consistency of each lipstick.
I love these lipsticks.
Share with me your drugstore lip color favorites!


Sunday, February 22, 2015

90's fashion// RAD is back

its all over. 
and its inevitable.
the 90's have returned.

90's fashion

I think I am mostly okay with the return of 90's fashion.
Although, it makes me feel old. I mean.... wasn't the 90's like 5 years ago?
I'm too young for this. I was ALIVE when these trends were "rad"
Some 90's trends that are returning, 
(ahem, CHOKER necklaces. namely "tattoo" chokers.)
I'm not a huge fan of. 
But some 90's trends I am ready to accept! 

I rounded up different celebs sporting five different 90's trends, 
and they are looking fab. 

source //1 //2 //3

D E N I M  V E S T S
source //1 //2 //3

C R O P  T O P S
source //1 //2 //3

S H I R T S  T I E D  A R O U N D  W A I S T S
source //1 //2 //3

D R.  M A R T E N S
source //1 //2 //3

So I have got to know, 
What 90's trends have you seen around fashion blogs, celebs, the mall...
Which trends are you ready to see come back and which ones should just stay in the 90's?

Saturday, February 14, 2015

happy love day... MWAH!

H A P P Y  V A L E N T I N E ' S  D A Y!1
//hope you and your loved ones have a lovely day!!
one picture just isn't enough.

+ the cutest little love bug.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

2015 summer swimsuit guide according to lauryn

I am SOOO ready for summer!
Utah weather has been teasing us with warmth and I am getting early spring fever.
So I did a little swimsuit shopping and put together some of my favorite finds.
I love so many, but how do you even choose!?

retro swimwear

black and white one piece swimsuits

Definitely swoon worthy.
Am I right?
And of course I had to add in a few selections for my little guy.

baby boy swim trunks

Now can't we just go swimming!!!


Saturday, February 7, 2015

all in the deets.

Hello, hello!
I had to hurry and get some photos done for this outfit 
before the little baby guy ruined my outfit.
It is no wonder that hoodies and yoga pants are the go-to outfits for mommas.
I am so loving my denim vest and can really pair it with anything, 
but on this beautiful Saturday, I was pulling a more casual look.

But here is the most important part.
Check out these details!!
I got this beautiful mommy necklace from this darling shop called
for Christmas. I have been wearing it almost daily and FINALLY got around to featuring it
in an outfit. 
Isn't it a beauty?

key necklace//lauren conrad via kohls
black and white striped shirt & sunglasses//target
denim vest//american eagle
black skinnies//miley cyrus brand from wal-mart
(can you believe that!?)

H A P P Y  S A T U R D A Y!!

Monday, February 2, 2015

shabby apple//dare to design

So...most exciting thing ever! 

Shabby Apple is holding a fashion design contest called Dare to Design.
I of course had to enter some designs!
It is all being held on instagram with the hashtag #daretodesign.
If your design is chosen as a finalist by Shabby Apple, 
they will post your design on their account and the design with the most likes will be made 
into an actual Shabby Apple dress/skirt!! 
Awesome, I know.

Here are some of my designs. 
I have some posted on my blog's insta [@lovenotesbylauryn] and some on my illustration shop instagram account [@almostnoelle].
So go check them out plus all of the other amazing talented designers on there.
Comment me telling me your favorite one!

Happy Monday!
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