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Sunday, February 22, 2015

90's fashion// RAD is back

its all over. 
and its inevitable.
the 90's have returned.

90's fashion

I think I am mostly okay with the return of 90's fashion.
Although, it makes me feel old. I mean.... wasn't the 90's like 5 years ago?
I'm too young for this. I was ALIVE when these trends were "rad"
Some 90's trends that are returning, 
(ahem, CHOKER necklaces. namely "tattoo" chokers.)
I'm not a huge fan of. 
But some 90's trends I am ready to accept! 

I rounded up different celebs sporting five different 90's trends, 
and they are looking fab. 

source //1 //2 //3

D E N I M  V E S T S
source //1 //2 //3

C R O P  T O P S
source //1 //2 //3

S H I R T S  T I E D  A R O U N D  W A I S T S
source //1 //2 //3

D R.  M A R T E N S
source //1 //2 //3

So I have got to know, 
What 90's trends have you seen around fashion blogs, celebs, the mall...
Which trends are you ready to see come back and which ones should just stay in the 90's?
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