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Monday, June 4, 2012

my little black book of fashion: an inspiration book

hope everyone had a great weekend.
thanks for everyone who linked up to the spread the love party, 
we had some great linkups. so thank you!

i have a collection of fashion magazines from years ago that i can't seem to let go.
there are pages in the magazines that i just LOVE the items or the looks.
but the magazines have really become a pain.
they take up a lot of space and they are heavy.
so i decided i would create one book that combined the parts of the magazines.
i cut out accessories, clothing, looks, etc. from magazines that i love and seriously just threw them in a black sketch book from a craft store.

i added accessories that i wanted to remind myself to make.

i only finished a couple of pages. i still have plenty of magazines to go.
now i will always have one place to look for inspiration.
my inspiration book!

have a lovely day!

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