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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

magnetic chalkboard tutorial-how to paint with chalkboard paint

so today's post is kind of a tutorial within a tutorial. i am showing you my most recent project:
a magnetic chalkboard

while also giving detailed instructions of how to effectively use chalkboard paint.
so let's begin!
you will need a piece of sheet metal & chalkboard paint.
super great tip #1: buy sheet metal at a home improvement store like lowe's or home depot.
you can find sheet metal in the air circulation & ventilation aisle for around $9.
yes! a steal. 
super great tip #2: sometimes it is easier just to buy things. i thought about making homemade chalkboard paint, but by the time i bought all the supplies, i would be spending about the same amount or more money than the real stuff.
the paint i bought costed me about $2 at hobby lobby. it was listed at $3.99 and i used a 40% off coupon. saved myself some time & probably money too.
Americana Brush-On Chalkboard Paint
(the edges are taped for safety. they can get sharp, so BE CAREFUL!)

now here's for the tutorial within the tutorial
to apply the chalkboard paint effectively follow these steps:
1. apply a think coat of paint all going same direction (say you choose vertically). let the coat dry completely.

2. when the coat is completely dry, apply another thick coat, this time going the opposite direction (now you would go horizontal). let the coat dry completely.

3. apply the third and last coat of paint going the same direction as you started (vertically). you will have all areas covered.

4. after the third coat has dried, let the chalkboard paint sit for 24 hours untouched. i know. it is so tempting to draw on that beautiful surface. but don't do it! after 24 hours has passed, cure the chalkboard surface. this is done by rubbing chalk across the whole board trying to cover all areas completely.

5. erase the chalk you used to cure, this sort of creates a chalk mess.
and you are done with your chalkboard painting!

to finish the magnetic chalkboard here's what i did.
i used an old frame we had from an outdated sailboat picture.
i am sure you could find one at a thrift store easy.
i removed the picture and used the mat as a back for my sheet metal.
with E600 glue, i glued the sheet metal to the mat from the picture.
it would have been nicer to use the cardboard backing, but my sheet metal was too small for my frame, so i wanted the white to show through rather than cardboard.

i added lace with a hot glue gun around the edges of the board.

then secured it all in the frame:

here it is in our basement with all the stuff on it and bad lighting unfortunately.

i love the fact that this board is magnetic & a chalkboard as well.
have a great thursday, 
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