Wednesday, May 30, 2012

polaroid mini book

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yes. i know.
this sickness has been very long lasting.
i ended up with bronchitis, my lungs are still working on healing.
i've been best friends with my bed, my inhaler, mucinex, & watermelon for the past weekish.
and i am feeling much better.

hubby and i had our 2 year anniversary on monday.
i love my baby... it was so great to spend the day with him.
so in honor of us & love, 
i am going to share with you a book i made a little bit ago.

back in february, hubby & i took a little trip to idaho for a valentine's getaway.
we found a sa-weet polaroid camera with film for $10!
so i made a book of the photos we took.

the best thing about this book is i made in 20 minutes or so 
in my husbands dental lab office while he was finishing crowns.
i had paper, some embellishments, scissors...
and the best part super glue!!
my glue runner had ran right out and the only glue on hand at the dental lab was super glue.
nice, eh?
check it out.

i'm so lucky to have a such a sweet boy to be married to!
we broke out the polaroid again on our anniversary,
i have a fun plan for the pictures..
can't wait to show you all!!

back to preschool for me today.
wish me luck with these kiddos after a LOONGG weekend


  1. that's so cute! Makes me want to get a Polaroid camera.

  2. so envious of your polaroids! :) I have one of these cameras on my wish list!



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