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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

diy quote on canvas

this is my absolute favorite quote.
it's from the movie the perfect man...
which is really not a popular movie.
hilary duff in her prime baby.
and i LOVE the movie.

i decided i wanted this quite in my home to remind me, 
every day holds the potential for beauty.
so inspiring to me &
a great reminder to be positive and find beauty in every moment of life.

& making it was super easy!

after this, i got on my computer and chose a font i liked.
i wanted to choose a thick/bold font because i knew i would be cutting it out.
i cut out each letter...tedious, but easy
and arranged them on the board.
when you have arranged your letters, mod podge them on top of the canvas

WARNING... be VERY sure that every word fits across evenly.
i had glued on the word "potential" got to the last "a" and had ZERO space for the "l"
so i added some buttons & smudges of ink pads to cover my mistakes.
i wasn't to happy about it... i really just wanted it to be simple, 
but hey... it works!

if you are looking for some easy diy home decor, 
this will do the trick!
have a lovely day!

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