Thursday, April 12, 2012

stay beautiful day eight: the classic taylor

today is the final day of the series!
i have to say.
i'm pretty thrilled.
who knows why i decided to do this series right as the school semester is ending.
final projects are due, studying for finals...blah blah.
so i'm glad to have the series finished!
although, i loved it. it has been very fun.

for today's post i wanted to capture the classic style of taylor.
her style is super classy and lasting.
so i incorporated the outfit from the picture below and various accessories into today's outfit.

maybe the red sunglasses aren't super classic, 
but they're fun aren't they!

these are the earrings i wore for my wedding, 
i'm casual-ing them down a little bit.

here's a shot of my hair.
it's just a simple french braid turned inside out.

i thought i'd try layering white on white not thinking it would work 
but i actually really liked how it turned out.

shoes: steve madden
pants: jc penny
both shirts: american eagle
scarf/necklace: handmade

here is the series all together!

thanks for joining me for the stay beautiful fashion series!
come back tomorrow to link up any of your lovely posts!
& have a lovely day


i love comments! thank you for taking the time to write me a message, and for making me smile. :)
{love} lauryn

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