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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

stay beautiful day seven: close up

i have to tell you. 
i wasn't super excited to put this post up.
hello glamour shot.
but i saw this picture:
and thought, 
holy cow.
isn't this a beautiful photo?
i HAD to somehow incorporate it into the series, 
which meant i was going to have to do a close up.
i'm cool with having full body shots, i'm usually looking away.
but a close up on the face hmm... i don't know about that.
but i decided to cool it. 
who CARES!
so with a sweet running jacket, and a little topknot,
here is my close up & copycat of the above picture.
notice how they are not side by side? 
i just can't compare myself to the beautiful taylor in this circumstance.
here's me.

ah! scary.
well... it's published now, and no going back.
be not afraid, self!

yet i feel more comfortable showing pictures like this:
i'm not a model.
but i'm great at pulling faces.

here is the series so far in order if you have missed any.
one more post tomorrow and it's over!

before you go, 
come enter the decalLOVE giveaway.
it's almost over!

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