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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

stay beautiful day one: sun hat

it's finally here!
welcome to the stay beautiful 8 days of taylor swift fashion series!
i have to give a little disclaimer first:
all the outfits are INSPIRED by taylor swift...
as much as i wish i did, i have none of the same clothes she does.
that being said, 
here is today's inspiration:
miss taylor on the cover of vouge.
LOVE it.

and here's my version:

i pulled a yellow sweater i got from target YEARS ago to match her yellow.
i tied in the blue on her sleeves in my shorts (got them from shade).
i do not have a brown sun hat, but pulled in the brown with my shoes.
looks like a summer day for me!

what do you think about day one?
come back tomorrow for day two!
{love} lauryn

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