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Monday, March 26, 2012

eleven things post

i'm not really huge into blogging games.
i don't know why. i know that is so bah-hum-bug.
but i thought this eleven things post is pretty cute, 
and it's a fun way to get to know bloggers behind the blogs!
it took me awhile to actually get to writing it..because the rules confused me.
seriously, look at them they are confusing!
but so fun :)

i was tagged by two people,
but i chose to answer questions from jess at tenpenny splendid because she tagged me first.

here are the rules:
1. post these rules.

2. post a photo of yourself and 11 random things.
3. answer the questions set for you in the original post.
4. create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5. go to their blog/twitter and tell them you’ve tagged them. 

<<my eleven random things:>>

1. i am a dancer.
2. i organize and rearrange things too much.
3. i am a very picky eater.
4. i am pretty sure harry potter is real.
5. i play the piano.
6. i love to play dress up.
7. halloween is my favorite holiday.
8. i love to play spider solitaire before bed.
9. i bite the inside of my cheek when i'm stressed.
10. i can go the whole day without drinking liquids and not even notice.
11. i hate being lied to.

<<here are jess's questions>>

1. What food do you typically crave?
apples. definitely my favorite food.

2. Do you have any superstitions? Things that are lucky or unlucky to you? Explain!
not really. 
i don't like going up the stairs alone sometimes, i always feel like someone is following me. 
but that's not really superstitious.

3. Would you be friends with high school you? Why or why not?
yes, i tried to be friends to others the best i knew how at the time. 
i have to admit, i was a little obnoxious. but hey, you gotta have some FUN!

4. What was your first pet?
jake. a sweet sweet white german shepherd. 

5. What's one TV show you'll never get tired of?
oh i have to pick one? think i gotta say friday night lights. LOVE that show.

6. What has been your favorite age so far?
i do love the age i am now, but i have to say loved 17. i was in my prime, man! haha. 
plus i was dating my sweetheart hubby, had all my great friends, but had little to worry about. 
seems like life has been a big pile of stress lately! school, taxes, work, etc. 
high school was so stress free..ah the days.

7. What's one product you couldn't (or at least wouldn't want to) live without?
mascara. i have zero eyelashes...but they are growing!

8. What is your favorite summer beverage?
love me some slurpees :)

9. Now that summer's on the brain, what is your favorite warm weather activity?
BOATING! definitely. i also LOVE camping. seriously, i just love summer. 

10. Is there a recent trend you just can't/couldn't get on board with? What is it?
i don't really love the cheetah print stuff.

11. What's your idea of the perfect night? (Out or in!)

as long as i'm with my hubby, i'm good. i love this boy!

<<now here are my questions>>

1. what has been your most rebellious moment?
2. what would be your dream job?
3. do you own a favorite clothing item? describe it to us!
4. what is your favorite perfume/lotion scent?
5. if you had to listen to the same song over and over, what would it be?
6. what is your favorite life adventure so far?
7. what is the craziest thing you've ever eaten?
8. if you could pick a character from any movie/story/book/etc., who would it be?
9. where is your favorite place to go shopping?
10. would you rather have cake, ice cream, or both?
11. do you have a life aspiration? what is it?

i am tagging:
stacie from curious damsel
nat from modern buttercup
sarah from oh, lovely things
& tara from deer in a bottle

if you have already done it, no worries!
you never know with these things.

WHEW! done.
t-swift starts tomorrow & a giveaway on friday!
happy day people 


  1. Oooh how lovely :) thank you I will get onto this! I also get a bit freaked going up the stairs on my own too haha too many horror films!

    Stacie xo


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