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Sunday, March 25, 2012

grandma's watch & a cloche hat.

i'm a new auntie to a sweet little baby girl! 
so so fun.
thank yo for all your sweet comments everyone.
she is a darling baby.
because of all the hype, i didn't get to reach out to as many of you for the link party.
although the link party was smaller, we had a BUNCH of great linkups this time!

i was super excited to see them all!
if you haven't see the inspiration, check it out.
thanks for everyone who linked up!

the stay beautiful series starts on wednesday!
i'm getting pretty excited about it.

so today, i figure i'll warm us up with a fashion post!
you can never get too many, right?

before i get to the post, let me answer some questions that may arise.

my hair has changed! it is now brunette not blonde.

i am not a natural brunette, i'm a natural blonde.
but like it MUCH better dark.
i tried for a second going natural... didn't love it.
brunette is my fake natural. hehe.

this will make the taylor swift series a little more difficult this time around!
(the outfits will still be awesome, so don't run away!)

my pants are wrinkled.

i have never heard of an iron.
(totally kidding. i just hate ironing!)

we will move on to the post now :)
here's what i wore saturday:

shirt//hat//pearl bracelets//pants//necklace//
watch:grandma's//red&braid bracelets:handmade
see cute little trixie girl at the top there?
she can't leave your feet.
by the end of the day, my pants were TRASHED.
why must pups play in the mud before they walk all over you!!

it's a monday (almost)
hip hooray!!
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