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Thursday, December 1, 2011

2nd winner announced! & diy decorative tape

wow. the wind here in utah is INSANE!!
we have semi trucks tipped over, trees rooted out of the ground, siding coming off the houses.
you would not believe it. 
any body else having crazy windstorms??

our second winner has been announced for the 175 followers giveaway!!
congratulations miamihoney!!
her first choice was a custom blog header.
here are the prizes that are left:
1. any poster
2. custom blog header
3. premade blog header
4. custom holiday card
5. premade holiday card
6. custom poster
7. box of bows
want to see pictures of the prizes?
click here. be sure to enter if you haven't already.
3 winners left!!

i am so loving decorative tape. 
Pinned Image
i am sure it doesn't cost much to buy.
i honestly haven't even looked into it too much. 
but the other day i made a birthday card and needed a cute way to seal the back.
here is what i came up with:

i kinda like how it turned out.
maybe i will try to do something a little more fancy next time.
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