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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

decorating pumpkins-no carving

i am a preschool teacher.
for halloween, each class will get one pumpkin for the students to decorate.
yes. ALL the students-in my case 26.
and yes.
ONE pumpkin.
so i have been looking for creative/non-carving ways for the kids to help out in decorating our classroom pumpkin.
here are my ideas so far:

if these pictures belong to you, please let me know.
i googled the images and got some from pinterest.
i have no intention of stealing your work without credit.

mummy pumpkin
{mummy pumpkin}
i'll wrap it in tp with the kiddos!
Haunted House Pumpkin
{haunted house pumpkin}
with the kiddies i would use paper & paint
Pinned Image
{stem for witches nose}
super cute!
paper hat, foam mask, yarn hair, painted mouth

 Hamburger Pumpkin
{hamburger pumpkin}
don't know what was used for the inside.
pumpkin seeds taken and used as sesame seeds on the "bun"

{decopauged pumpkin}
using newspaper, magazine prints, or tissue paper.
each child could add a piece on.
wonderful way to include everyone.

{masquerade pumpkins}
too cute to pass up.
we could do two masks and the kids get a turn to decorate them.
then make it a two faced pumpkin.
{chalkboard pumpkin}
very good idea.
but i wonder how that would work with 26 lil yappers.

i would LOVE to hear if any of you have some ideas for a classroom pumpkin for us!

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